Application of temperature measurement NTC thermistor in kitchen appliances

October 10, 2021

Application of temperature measurement NTC thermistor in kitchen appliances

With the development of technology, household appliances are becoming more and more popular in our lives. More and more kitchen appliances are updated and have more and more functions. Wall breakers, ovens, air fryer, microwave ovens, breakfast machines, etc., almost every household is equipped with kitchen appliances to improve the quality of life. The use of these kitchen appliances, temperature control, temperature measurement and temperature display are inseparable from the temperature measuring NTC thermistor. The temperature measurement NTC thermistor produced by AMPFORT Electronics is small in size and high in temperature measurement accuracy. It is the best choice for household appliances.


The electric oven is an electric heating appliance that uses the radiant heat emitted by the electric heating element to bake food. According to the different needs of the baked food, the temperature of the electric oven can generally be adjusted within the range of 50-250°C. The wall breaker has a heating function, which can be used to smash, stir, and cook soy milk or thick soup with one button, which improves convenience. Whether it is an electric oven or a heating-type wall breaker, in order to achieve accurate temperature measurement and control, temperature-measuring NTC thermistors and temperature sensors are required.

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The temperature measurement NTC thermistor developed and produced by AMPFORT not only has a resistance value accuracy of ±0.5%, but also a B value accuracy of ±0.2%. It can be used as a general-precision temperature measurement and control, and it can also undertake extremely high-precision temperature control. For example, a wide temperature range high-precision NTC temperature sensor product can be within the temperature range of 0~70℃, and the temperature measurement accuracy can reach the level of ±0.01℃. The product has passed CQC certification, UL, C-UL certification, and passed the AEC-Q200 automotive-grade performance test. The MF58 thermistor has also passed the 100,000 durability life test and environmental RoHS test in the extremely harsh UL standard. With excellent product quality and excellent service, it is deeply sought after and loved by users.