PTC Thermistor Application Case

July 30, 2021

PTC Thermistor Application Case

Thermistor is a type of sensitive element, its resistance value will show a step change with the temperature of the thermistor body, and it has semiconductor characteristics.

Thermistors are divided into different temperature coefficients: positive temperature coefficient thermistor (abbreviated as PTC thermistor) negative temperature coefficient thermistor (abbreviated as NTC thermistor)


PTC Thermistor Application Case
PTC Application Resistance-temperature characteristics Volt-Ampere Characteristics Current-time characteristics
Temperature sensing Temperature compensation Overcurrent protection Constant temperature heating Warm air heating Automatic degaussing Motor start Delay start
Color TV          
Color display            
Program Control Exchange            
Energy-saving lamps              
Electric mosquito repellent              
Household heater          
Communication machine            
Air conditioning            
Audio equipment          
Massage chair              
Cold storage            
shoes dryer              
Electric fan              
Rice cooker            
Electric shoe              
Electric hot plate              
Clothes dryer            
Heating machine        
Intravenous heating              
Lightweight plastic sealing machine              
Car low temperature starter              
Steam generator              
Car fuel heater              
hair curler              
hair dryer              
Power failure protector              
DVD player            
Train conservatory            
vending machine      
Washing machine            
Fluorescent lamp              
Motor starter            
Fire alarm            
Level gauge              
Car heater              
Car incubator              
Hot air curtain              
Hand warmer              
Tea dryer              
Water pipe heater              
Travel clothes hanger              
Fan protection regulator            
Automatic door motor protector              
Car paint room              
Bath heater              
Liquefied gas cylinder heater              
Beauty container              
Electric heating table              
Electronic starter            
Baby bottle thermostat              
Electric heating bag              
Hot treasure              
Car heating cup              
Electric moxibustion device            
Yogurt thermostat cup              
Hot compress            
Electric iron              
Electric thermos              
Infusion controller          
Power saving switch            
Young poultry and livestock insulation board              
Electric hip flask              
Electric blanket            
Health heat pad              


PTC is the abbreviation of Positive Temperature Coefficient, which means positive temperature coefficient, and generally refers to semiconductor materials or components with a large positive temperature coefficient.
Usually we refer to PTC refers to the positive temperature coefficient thermistor, referred to as PTC thermistor.

PTC thermistor is a typical temperature-sensitive semiconductor resistor. When it exceeds a certain temperature (Curie temperature), its resistance value increases stepwise as the temperature rises.

PTC thermistors are classified according to their materials: ceramic PTC thermistors and organic polymer PTC thermistors


A large number of PTC thermistors are currently used

☞ PTC thermistors for constant temperature heating

☞ PTC thermistors for Low voltage heating

☞ PTC thermistors for air heating

☞ PTC thermistors for overcurrent protection

☞ PTC thermistors for overheat protection

☞ PTC thermistors for delayed start

Under normal circumstances, organic polymer PTC thermistors are suitable for overcurrent protection, and ceramic PTC thermistors can be used for the various purposes listed above.