The important application of temperature sensor in the temperature control of electric vehicle charging gun

October 10, 2021

The important application of temperature sensor in the temperature control of electric vehicle charging gun

Right now, energy-saving and environmentally friendly electric vehicles have become an inevitable trend in the automotive industry. At present, the electric vehicle charging gun used to charge the electric vehicle plays a role as an interface between the charging equipment and the electric vehicle rechargeable battery. Today, the editor of Sensor Expert Network will give you a brief introduction to the role of temperature sensor technology in electric vehicle charging guns.


With the increasing use of electric vehicles, charging piles are also necessary supporting facilities for the development of electric vehicles to meet people's charging needs for electric vehicles. The charging gun of the charging pile is plugged into the charging seat on the electric vehicle. Charge it.


As an electric vehicle charging connector, the charging gun is a "bridge" connecting the charging pile and the electric vehicle. The quality of the charging gun directly affects the safety of the electric vehicle during the charging process. Although the device is small and exquisite, its effect is amazing. At a small scale, it directly affects the quality of a charging experience; at a larger scale, it indirectly affects the development of the entire new energy automobile industry. In the process of charging the electric vehicle with the charging gun, the charging current will be larger, especially during fast charging, the temperature of the charging gun will rise, the charging gun will be heated, and the shell will expand. It takes more effort to unplug the charging socket of an electric car.


At present, for the temperature control of the charging gun itself, the temperature of the charging gun is detected by setting a temperature sensor in the charging gun, and the characteristics of temperature sensors such as NTC thermistors are used. The higher the temperature, the smaller the resistance value, to set the temperature value. This controls the temperature of the charging gun. This temperature measurement method has the advantages of small size, easy installation, high accuracy, and high stability.


At present, in the new charging gun temperature control system launched on the market, a dual temperature control method is also adopted, that is, a temperature sensor is used to monitor the temperature of the charging gun plug and the controller main board respectively. Specifically, the plug temperature sensor monitors the temperature status of the plug and socket in real time, and the motherboard temperature sensor monitors the temperature state of the main controller in real time.

When the charging temperature reaches the preset temperature, the charging gun temperature control system will automatically turn on to reduce the charging power and limit the temperature rise. If the temperature continues to rise and reach the preset temperature again, the temperature control system will automatically cut off the power supply, stop charging, and wait for the temperature to fall After that, turn on charging again. In this way, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of dangers such as spontaneous combustion or melting of the socket due to excessive temperature during charging. The above is the role of the temperature sensor in the electric car charging gun introduced by the sensor expert network. I believe that in the near future, with the promotion and popularization of new energy electric vehicles, there will be more and more temperature sensor control requirements to solve various electric vehicle charging problems. At that time, the sensor expert network will also Wait and see together with you.


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