The role and working principle of thermistor in LED

October 10, 2021

The role and working principle of thermistor in LED

Because the semiconductor thermistor has unique properties, it can be used not only as a measuring element, but also as a control element and circuit compensation element in application. Thermistors are widely used in various fields such as household appliances, electric power industry, communications, military science, aerospace, and so on, with broad prospects for development.


A common instantaneous overcurrent phenomenon occurs when the LED lamps are just powered on. This phenomenon is called inrush current. The method of using NTC thermistor in the internal circuit of the lamp can be used to realize the surge current protection of the LED lamp. Specifically, the NTC device provides a high resistance value to protect the LED from surge current when the lamp is just powered on. After the transition time, the resistance of the NTC resistor will decrease to a negligible value.


The working principle of NTC thermistor suppressing surge current:

1. The NTC power thermistor mainly suppresses the transient surge current of the power input switch.

2. Because the input surge current is very large at the moment of the power switch, in order to reduce the surge current, a negative temperature thermistor is connected in series. When the input current is stable, the resistance value of the thermistor rises sharply, which is equivalent to Without resistance, power consumption is reduced.


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