Changing on package quantity per reel for 2410 SMD Ceramic Fuse

November 5, 2021

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Contact Letter


Dear customers and partners:


In the past two years, the manufacturing industry has been continuously affected by the new crown epidemic, and the market macro environment has undergone tremendous changes. This has caused unprecedented shocks to our company’s material production, personnel management and product delivery, especially in the supply of materials (the price of raw materials has risen sharply). ), production manpower (labor shortage), logistics and transportation (express company price increase), etc., the cost of production has been rising, and the cost structure of the manufacturing industry has undergone fundamental changes along with the macro environment of the market.

In order to continue to provide our customers and partners with high-quality services as always, we are facing unprecedented pressures. We have to deepen the reform of the cost structure and optimize the cost through various methods such as integrating with the market inside and outside. This is our long-term future. Strive for goals.

The first cost optimization measure of our company is to change the packaging quantity of the product. The 6125/2410/1808 type SMD ceramic fuse products will be adjusted from the current 1000pcs/reel to 1500PCS/reel to reduce raw materials, consumables, and quality inspections. the cost of. The material number of our company's product corresponding to the change of the packaging quantity:

Series Current Package New Package
SFS/SFE/SEF/SSF 1000pcs/Reel 1500pcs/Reel
STS/STE/SET/SST 1000pcsReel 1500pcs/Reel