Classification of fuse holders and UL certification

May 31, 2022

Latest company news about Classification of fuse holders and UL certification

What are the classifications of fuse holders? what's the effect? What recommendations do I need to apply for UL certification? Next, our safety fuse holder manufacturers will explain to you.


First, the role of the fuse holder:
The fuse holder is an electrical component installed in the circuit to provide insulation protection for the fuse and ensure the safe operation of the circuit. When the circuit fails or is abnormal, the current is continuously increased, and the increased current may damage some important or valuable components in the circuit, and may also burn the circuit or even cause a fire. If the fuse sheathed fuse holder is correctly placed in the circuit, when the fuse abnormally rises to a certain height, the fuse will blow itself, which may cause dangerous situations such as fire. At this time, the fuse holder plays the role of isolating the outside world. Play a role in protecting the safe operation of the circuit.

Second, the classification of the fuse holder:
1. Panel-mounted fuse holders are mostly used for electrical equipment, such as power amplifiers, DVDs, speakers, massage chairs and other electrical equipment.
2. PCB mounting fuse holder, PCB fuse holder (mostly used on small home appliance control boards) and fuse clips (mostly used on small home appliance control boards).
3. Lead-type fuse holders are mostly used for the connection of small household appliances and industrial machinery wiring harnesses.
4. Car fuse holders, which can be divided into lead-type car fuse holders (used in automobiles and industrial machinery wiring harnesses); panel-mounted car fuse holders (used in automotive electrical appliances, such as car amplifiers, car refrigerators, car DVDs, etc.) and car fuses folder.

Third, the fuse holder UL certification standards:
UL 4248-1 These fuse holders and devices are suitable for fuses used in electrical circuits and are intended for use in accordance with Canadian Electrical Code Part I (CE Code Part I), CSA C22.1, National Electrical Code (NEC), ANSI/NFPA 70, or the Mexican Electrical Code, NOM-001. Fuses for the fuse category described in ANCE NMX-J-009-248.

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Fourth, the fuse holder UL certification process:
1. The manufacturer's relevant laboratory (hereinafter referred to as the laboratory) submits an oral or written preliminary application.
2. The applicant fills in the UL application form, and sends the application form, product instruction manual and technical documents to the laboratory (if necessary, the applicant company is also required to provide some samples).
3. The laboratory determines the inspection standards and inspection items and quotes.
4. The applicant confirms the quotation and sends the samples and relevant technical documents to the laboratory.
5. The applicant provides technical documents.
6. The laboratory issues a fee notice to the applicant, and the applicant pays the certification fee according to the fee notice.
7. The laboratory conducts product testing and reviews technical documents.
8. The review of technical documents includes:
a. Whether the documents are complete.
b. Whether the document is written in the language of the European Community (English, German or French).
9. If the technical documents are incomplete or the specified language is not used, the laboratory will notify the applicant to improve.
10. If the test fails, the laboratory will promptly notify the applicant, allowing the applicant to improve the product. So, until the test is qualified. The applicant should make changes to the technical data in the original application to reflect the actual situation after the changes.
11. For the rectification fees involved in Articles 9 and 10, the laboratory will issue a supplementary fee notice to the applicant.
12. The applicant shall pay the rectification fee according to the requirements of the supplementary fee notice.
13. The laboratory provides the applicant with test reports or technical documents and UL marks.

The above is the introduction of "Classification of Fuse Holders and UL Certification". For more detailed information about fuse holders, please contact our manufacturer.