How to judge the quality of resettable fuse

May 31, 2022

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How to judge the quality of resettable fuse


How to judge whether a resettable fuse is good or bad? What are the methods? Ordinary fuse testing is simple, but is resettable fuse testing complicated? Next, the fuse clip manufacturer will explain it to you one by one.


1. Judge the quality of the resettable fuse

(1) From the appearance, there is a smell of burnt, burnt, burnt, and it is immediately declared broken and exchanged.

(2) The digital multimeter is detected with the resistor gear (R gear), and the red and black test pens touch both sides of the fuse under test. If there is no detection, it means that the fuse is broken and replaced immediately.

(3) Replacement method or wiring method (use with caution), replace a new fuse or immediately use one or two small copper wires to wire the fuse and connect the power supply on both sides of the fuse to observe that the household appliances are working normally, and then the previous fuse can be judged. If it is broken, replace it immediately.

(4) Check the instructions for the main parameters of home appliances, and clarify the main parameters in the work of fully automatic repair of the fuse: standardize the current in the work, the larger working standard voltage, the larger the common fault current, etc.

(5) Set the output current of a high-power adjustable regulated power supply to the standard of automatic repair of the fuse. In the work, the current is connected in series to the power circuit of a lamp control circuit. If the lamp is normal, the fuse is normal.

(6) Use the output voltage of the high-power adjustable power supply to set the maximum working voltage of the automatic recovery fuse

When replacing the fuse, please pay attention to the specifications. If the fuse is too large, it will not protect the appliance, if it is too small, it will affect the normal operation of the appliance.

2. Type identification of resettable fuses
Self-recovery fuses are well-known, self-recovery fuses are like batteries; the fuse starts to work as soon as you turn on the electricity, and when the current is too large, the fuse will play a protective role. The resettable fuse is an overcurrent electronic protection element. It is made of high-molecular organic polymer under the conditions of high pressure, high temperature and vulcanization reaction, mixed with conductive particle materials, and processed through a special process.

There are many types of resettable fuses, depending on customer needs, because there are many types of resettable fuses and many brands; therefore, it is also difficult to identify resettable fuse models.

The above is the introduction of "how to judge the quality of the resettable fuse". If you need to know more about the fuse clip, please contact us - fuse manufacturer ampfort.