New Product- 1206 2512 Current Sensing Resistors

May 31, 2022

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New Product- 1206 2512 Current Sensing Resistors


The precision current sensing resistor is a fixed resistor with very low resistance error value, can flow a large amount of current, good weather resistance and mechanical strength, and high operating ambient temperature. At the same time, the resistance value drifts with temperature changes. Low; In addition, its electrical characteristics are stable, CSR is a resistor product with extremely high stability among fixed resistors
According to different materials and processes, there are four main resistance technologies: wirewound resistors, thick film resistors, thin film resistors, and metal foil resistors.

Main model would be 


Size Resistance
2512 3mOhm/4mOhm/5mOhm/6mOhm/7mOhm/10mOhm
1206 3mOhm/5mOhm/7mOhm/10mOhm


Explanation of current induced resistance



1. Resistance accuracy: resistance error range (D=0.5%, F=±1%, G=±2%, H=±3%, J=±5%)
2. Temperature Coefficient (TCR) : Resistance Drift Coefficient with Temperature

3. Rated power: At room temperature, the element can withstand the maximum power of the current flowing

4. Operating temperature range: the temperature range in which the element can operate

5. Power decay temperature point: the highest temperature at which the element produces power decay

6. Thermoelectromotive force : The error voltage coefficient of the element due to the Seebeck effect (thermoelectric effect)

7. Self-inductance: the error voltage coefficient of the component due to the magnetoelectric effect


Test items of Current Sensing Resistors



General characteristic test:


1.R0 (installed resistance value)
2. TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance)
3.Power (rated power)
4.Stature between Electrode and Paint (height difference between electrode and solder mask)
5.Ri (insulation resistance test)
6.Solderability (solderability test)


Application field of Current Sensing Resistors



Power industry: adaptor/converter/inverter/transducer/charger
Home appliance industry: white goods (air conditioners/washing machines/refrigerators/microwave ovens...etc.)/black home appliances (LCD TVs, plasma TVs...etc.)
Battery Industry: Battery Protection Board/Control Board (Batteries for Electric Vehicles, Motors, Pedal Vehicles/Power Tools/3C Industry, etc.) Automotive Electronics Industry: Vehicle Power Conversion
Equipment/Audio/Micro-motor equipment (electric, window electric chair, electric side central locking/rearview mirror...etc.)
Network Communication Industry: Central Office Switch/Security Unit (MDF)/Client Switch/Modem/Router/Hub
Computer Industry : NB/Desktop/Tablet/Server/Monitor
Computer Peripheral Industry: Hard Disk Drive/CD-ROM/Keyboard/Mouse/Scanner/Printer/Card Reader (POS)/Audio-Video, Visualization Module/Audio-Video, Video, Video Network
Membrane identification module
Consumer Electronics Industry: Car DVD/Satellite Navigation/Smart Phone/Talkie/Digital Camera/Digital Video Recorder/Portable DVD/Audio Equipment/MP3/
MP4/Game console
Lighting Industry : LED/HID/CCFL/HALOGEN LAMP/Ballast
Industrial Electronics (Equipment) Industry: Security Alarm/Anti-theft System/Instrument/Equipment Electronic Control System/Motor/Inverter
Office equipment industry: copiers/fax machines/office machines


Reliability (long-term) test:


7.Short Time Overload
8.Intensity of Plating
9.Substrate Bending (bending test)
10.Current Stability Test
11.Resistance to Solder Heat
12.The Surface Temperature Test
13.High Temperature Load Life (high temperature test)
14.Low Temperature Load Life (low temperature test)
15. Moisture Load Life (high humidity test)
16. Thermal Shock
17. Load Life at 70°C (70°C environmental test)
18. Pulse Test