NTC for temperature measurement and temperature control

July 29, 2021

Latest company news about NTC for temperature measurement and temperature control

product description


NTC thermistor provides a practical, low-cost solution for many temperature measurement and control equipment, suitable for the temperature range of -55 ℃ to +300 ℃.


MF58 type glass bulb precision type
The MF58 type thermistor is made with a combination of ceramic technology and semiconductor technology, and is a glass packaging structure with axial lead wires at both ends.


MF52 E type bead precision type
MF52 E type thermistor is a small volume epoxy resin encapsulated NTC thermistor produced with new materials and new technology, which has the advantages of high precision and fast response.



The main parameters

Rated zero power resistance value R25 (Ω)
R25 allowable deviation (%)
B value (25/50 ℃)/(K)
Allowable deviation of B value (%)
Dissipation coefficient ≥2.0mW/ ℃
Thermal time constant ≤7S
Rated power ≤50mW
Operating temperature range: -55 ~+300 ℃