Thermistor detection method

October 10, 2021

Latest company news about Thermistor detection method

Hello, AMPFORT recommends that you use the following methods to detect thermistors:


1. Normal temperature detection method: (the indoor temperature is close to 25℃). The nominal resistance of the sensitive resistor is marked on the surface of the resistor by a direct marking method) Select the range of the multimeter (such as "R×1k" block), and then connect the red and black test leads of the multimeter to the two ends of the thermistor. Measure the resistance value on the pin. When normal, the measured resistance value should be close to the nominal resistance value of the thermistor (the difference between the two is within ±2Ω is normal); if the measured resistance value is different from the nominal value If it is farther, it means that the resistance is not good or has been damaged.


2. Heating detection method: On the basis of normal temperature test, a two-step test can be carried out, namely heating detection. Place a heat source (such as an electric soldering iron, a hair dryer, etc.) near the thermistor to heat it, and observe whether the indicated resistance value of the multimeter pointer increases (or decreases) with the increase of temperature. If it is, the thermistor is normal ; If there is no change in the resistance, the thermistor performance is already bad. In addition to using the correct method to detect, but also to purchase qualified thermistors, such as the thermistors produced by AMPFORT, the quality is guaranteed!