Types of NTC Thermistors

July 5, 2021

Latest company news about Types of NTC Thermistors

* Disc and Chip: They come configured with or without coating with bare or tinned copper leads. There are thermistors for a broad span of resistance values to suit every situation.

* Epoxy: Epoxy dip coated and soldered between jacketed Teflon/PVC wires. Their small dimensions allow for easy installation, and they can be point or curve matched.

* Glass-Encapsulated: An excellent choice when dealing with extreme environmental conditions and when stability is of the utmost importance. Configurations include radial leaded or axial leaded thermistors.

* Probe Assemblies: Available in a variety of housings depending on application requirements.

* Surface Mount: Configuration options include Bulk, Tape & Reel, Two-Sided, and Wrap-Around with Palladium Silver Terminations. Made with Nickel Barrier, these thermistors work great in precision circuits.