3950 1000K Ohm Power NTC Thermistor

3950 1000K Ohm Power NTC Thermistor

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Place of Origin: Dongguan,China
Brand Name: AMPFORT
Certification: CQC,UL.TUV
Model Number: MF51E303E3950

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Pieces
Price: TBA
Packaging Details: Bulk,500pcs per bag
Delivery Time: 10 workdays
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Paypal
Supply Ability: 100,000,000 Pieces Per Month
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Detail Information

Product Name: MF51E NTC Thermistor For Thermometer R37: 30.025KΩ±2.664%
B30/45: 3950K±0.5% Grade: 32
Dissipation: >0.7mW/℃ Rated Power: 3.5mW
Temperature Range: -40℃ - +100℃ R25: 0.2K~1000K
Dia Max: 1.6mm Length Max: 4.0mm
High Light:

32 Grade Power NTC Thermistor


1000K ohm Power NTC Thermistor


ntc 100k 3950 thermistor

Product Description

32 Grade High Accuracy +/-0.1C NTC Thermistor With Enameled Wire For Thermometer
Description Of The 32 Grade High Accuracy +/-0.1C NTC Thermistor
High Precision NTC Thermistors for Extremely Accurate Temperature Measurement The MF51E NTC Thermistors were specially designed for use in electronic thermometers which require better than average accuracy. The extremely small size allows the thermistor to respond very quickly to tiny changes in temperature. The MF51E can be supplied un-calibrated with standard tolerances or calibrated and grouped according to R at 37°C±0.01% for extreme interchangeability so as to eliminate the need for other calibrations.
3950 1000K Ohm Power NTC Thermistor 0
Features Of The 32 Grade High Accuracy +/-0.1C NTC Thermistor
■ Small Size and fast response and light weight
■ Long term Stability and Reliability
■ High accuracy and Interchangeability
■ High Sensitivity and Fast thermal response
■ Thermally Conductive Epoxy coated
■ Available tolerances: ±0.5%, ±1%, ±2%, ±3% and ±5%
■ B Value tolerances: ±0.5%, ±1.0% and ±2.0%
■ Resistance calibration available at 37°C ±0.01% (see table for details of grouping)
■ Long-term Stability and Reliability
■ Excellent Tolerance and Interchangeability
■ Available in all popular resistance values
■ Dissipation Constant ≥0.7mW/°C
■ Time Constant of ≤3.2 seconds
■ Rated Power: 3.5mW
■ Operating Temperature Range
Applications Of The 32 Grade High Accuracy +/-0.1C NTC Thermistor
3950 1000K Ohm Power NTC Thermistor 1
Fire alarm, computer, copier, electronic calendar, thermometer, temperature control instrument and temperature compensation.
■ Temperature sensing , control and compensation
■ Electronic thermometer, Medical equipment and patient monitoring
■ General Instrumentation applications
■ Electronic Thermometers
■ Medical Equipment and Patient
Specification Of The 32 Grade High Accuracy +/-0.1C NTC Thermistor

Part No.Nominal resistance
R 25℃
B Value
Rated power
Thermal time constant
Nominal value




≥ 0.7

≤ 3.2
-40℃ - +100℃

Size Of The 32 Grade High Accuracy +/-0.1C NTC Thermistor (Unit:mm)
3950 1000K Ohm Power NTC Thermistor 2

DimensionD maxL 1 maxL 1
+/- 3
L 2
+/- 1
+/- 0.05
Normal size1.64.010030.2
1.6Customer Specified

Resistance Calibration at 37℃ +/- 0.005℃ of Of The 32 Grade High Accuracy +/-0.1C NTC Thermistor MF51E303E3950
R37℃=30.025KΩ±2.664% B30/45=3950K±0.5%

129.275KΩ929.675 KΩ1730.075 KΩ2530.475 KΩ
229.325 KΩ1029.725 KΩ1830.125 KΩ2630.525 KΩ
329.375 KΩ1129.775 KΩ1930.175 KΩ2730.575 KΩ
429.425 KΩ1229.825 KΩ2030.225 KΩ2830.625 KΩ
529.475 KΩ1329.875 KΩ2130.275 KΩ2930.675 KΩ
629.525 KΩ1429.925 KΩ2230.325 KΩ3030.725 KΩ
729.575 KΩ1529.975 KΩ2330.375 KΩ3130.775 KΩ
829.625 KΩ1630.025 KΩ2430.425 KΩ3230.825 KΩ

STORAGE CONDITIONS Of The 32 Grade High Accuracy +/-0.1C NTC Thermistor
Temperature: -10℃~+40℃
Humidity: ≤70%RH
Term: ≤6 months (First-in/ First-out)
Do not exposing the components to the following conditions, otherwise, it may result in deterioration of characteristics.
1) Corrosive gas or deoxidizing gas.
2) Flammable and explosive gases.
3) Oil, water and chemical liquid.
4) Under the sunlight.
Handling after seal open: After unpacking of the minimum package, reseal it promptly or store it inside a sealed container with a drying agent.
Mechanical Requirements Of The 32 Grade High Accuracy +/-0.1C NTC Thermistor

ItemRequirementsTest Method
1.Solder-abilityThe terminals shall be uniformly tinned, and its area≥95%Dipping the NTC terminals to a depth of 15mm in a soldering bath of 245±5℃ and to the place of 6mm far from NTC body for 3±0.5s (See IEC68-2-20 /GB2423.28 Ta )
2.Resistance To Soldering Heat

No visible mechanical damage.
ΔR/RN ≤20%
(ΔR =∣RN-RN'∣)

Dipping the NTC terminals to a depth of 15mm in a soldering bath of 260±5℃ and to the place for 6mm below from NTC body for 3±0.5s.After recovering4-5h under 25±2℃. The rated zero power resistance value RN' shall be measured.
(See IEC68-2-20 /GB2423.28 Tb)

3.Strength of lead terminal

No break out
ΔR/RN ≤20%
(ΔR =∣RN-RN'∣)

Fasten the body and apply a force gradually to each lead until 10N and then keep for 10sec, Hold body and apply a force to each lead until  90°slowly at 5N in the direction of lead axis and then keep for 10sec, and do this in the opposite direction repeat for other terminal. After recovering 4~5h under 25±2℃, the rated zero power resistance value RN' shall be measured.
(See IEC68-2-21/GB2423.29 Ua / Ub)

MF51E temperature-measuring NTC thermistor for electronic thermometer
Electronic thermometers have become a daily necessity in hospitals, clinics, and homes because they can help us know if we have problems and help treat them. Electronic thermometers are popular because they are more convenient than mercury thermometers, take shorter measurements, and are safer to use. The most important component of an electronic thermometer is the temperature sensor, which includes a temperature sensor, temperature bar, display screen, switch, button, and battery cover. 
3950 1000K Ohm Power NTC Thermistor 3
The temperature sensor in the electronic thermometer requires high resolution, high precision, and fast response time. What material can be used as the temperature sensor? Common temperature sensors are thermistor sensors, thermistor sensors, thermocouple temperature sensors. Thermistor sensor, the majority is to use semiconductor materials, because of the characteristics of semiconductor materials are better than other materials, such as semiconductor thermistor materials than other materials have a better temperature coefficient of resistance and high resistivity, therefore made of semiconductor thermistor materials than other thermistor temperature sensor material temperature sensors will have more high sensitivity, so use this kind of sensor to make a slight variation in the thermometer is easier to measure temperature.

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