• 0603 Surface Mount  PTC Thermistor
  • 0603 Surface Mount  PTC Thermistor
  • 0603 Surface Mount  PTC Thermistor
  • 0603 Surface Mount  PTC Thermistor
0603 Surface Mount  PTC Thermistor

0603 Surface Mount PTC Thermistor

Product Details:

Brand Name: AMPFORT
Certification: ROHS,REACH,UL
Model Number: CSP0603

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 4000PCS
Price: TBA
Packaging Details: Tape, 4000pcs per reel
Delivery Time: 2 Weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability: 50,00,000 PCS PER MONTH
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Detail Information

Product Name: Surface Mount CPTC Ceramic PTC Thermistor Size: 0603 (1608 Metric)
Resistance @ 25°C: 470 Ohms Resistance Tolerance: ±50%
ECCN: EAR99 HTSUS: 8533.40.8070
Curie Temperature: 50~120C Sensing Temperature (4.7kΩ): 80-150C
Allowable Voltage: 32V MPQ: 4000
High Light:

0603 Surface Mount PTC Thermistor


470 OHM 50% PTC Thermistor


120C ptc temperature sensor

Product Description


Surface Mount CPTC Ceramic PTC Thermistor 0603 470 OHM 50% Limit Temperature Sensors


I Description Of The Surface Mount CPTC Ceramic PTC Thermistor 0603 


Thermistor (Thermistor) is a kind of semiconductor element whose resistance value is extremely sensitive to temperature. It can be divided into negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor and positive temperature coefficient (PTC)

0603 Surface Mount  PTC Thermistor 0


NTC: Negative Temperature Coefficient. As temperature rises, resistance drops;

PTC: Positive Temperature Coefficient. The temperature rise is higher than the conversion temperature point, and the resistance value rises

CPTC: Ceramic Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermistor (ceramic positive temperature coefficient thermistor), a thermistor designed with semiconductor ceramic materials, the main material is barium carbonate, and a small amount of rare earth, acceptor elements, glass and other additives are added. After high temperature sintering, a temperature-sensitive semiconductor resistor is formed. It has a small resistance below the Curie temperature. When it exceeds the Curie temperature, the resistance increases stepwise with the increase in temperature. It is used for overheating sensing in the line and playing a role in overheating and overcurrent protection.



II Function Of The Surface Mount CPTC Ceramic PTC Thermistor 0603


Overheating protection: due to the sudden change in resistance caused by temperature changes, a circuit connected in series with the PTC thermistor can be used to accurately detect overheating in multiple areas. It can be used for overheating detection of FET, power IC and other heating areas.

Overcurrent protection: When the abnormal current passes, the PTC suddenly heats up, and the resistance rises to a high resistance state quickly, thereby limiting or blocking the current and protecting the circuit from damage. After the current returns to normal, the PTC also drops to the initial low resistance state, and the circuit resumes normal operation. Its working principle is similar to that of a fuse, and it can be reused.

SMD PTC thermistors (surface-mounted ceramic positive temperature coefficient thermistors) are SMD components made of ceramic materials with excellent reliability and performance. With high reliability and fast protection characteristics, the equipment becomes safer and maintenance-free. Compared with organic PTC components (PPTC) and chip resistors with the same characteristics, ceramic chip PTC thermistors have higher reliability, less electrical changes after mounting, and long service life. This helps customers reduce equipment size and improve performance.



III Specification Of The Surface Mount CPTC Ceramic PTC Thermistor 0603


P/N Curie temperature Sensing temperature Sensing temperature Allowable voltage Resistance (25℃) Operating Temperature
(℃) (4.7kΩ) (47kΩ) (V) (Ω) (℃)
  (℃) (℃)      
CPS0603X471Q120 120 135±5℃ 150±7℃ 32 470±50% -20~160
CPS0603X471Q110 110 125±5℃ 140±7℃ 32 470±50% -20~150
CPS0603X471Q100 100 115±5℃ 130±7℃ 32 470±50% -20~140
CPS0603X471Q090 90 105±5℃ 120±7℃ 32 470±50% -20~130
CPS0603X471Q080 80 95±5℃ 110±7℃ 32 470±50% -20~120
CPS0603X471Q070 70 85±5℃ 100±7℃ 32 470±50% -20~110
CPS0603X471Q060 60 75±5℃ 90±7℃ 32 470±50% -20~100
CPS0603X471Q050 50 65±5℃ 80±7℃ 32 470±50% -20~90



IV CPTC Chip Thermistor Features Of The Surface Mount CPTC Ceramic PTC Thermistor 0603


1) The surface of the porcelain body is encapsulated by glass, which has good moisture resistance, high reliability and stability;

2) Small size, no lead, excellent welding performance, suitable for high-density surface mounting;

3) It can reduce the number of IC ports and promote the miniaturization of equipment;

4) Using the characteristics of rapid changes in electrical impedance, it has good noise resistance.



V Size Of The Surface Mount CPTC Ceramic PTC Thermistor 0603


0603 Surface Mount  PTC Thermistor 1



VI CPTC Chip Thermistor Applications Of The Surface Mount CPTC Ceramic PTC Thermistor 0603


1) Overheating sensing: overheating sensing of switching power supplies, power transistors in hybrid circuits, power LEDs and power ICs;

2) Overheat sensing of audio-visual equipment such as LCD TVs, digital cameras, and stereos;

3) Overheat sensing of information equipment such as computers, printers, scanners, copiers, etc.;

4) Overheat sensing of communication equipment such as fax machines, mobile phones, headsets, and mobile phone base stations;

5) Overheat sensing of automotive electronic equipment such as automotive instrumentation, drive engine control ECU, ABS system, etc.;

6) Overheat sensing of household electronic equipment such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, and lighting equipment.



VII R-T curve(Typical)Of The Surface Mount CPTC Ceramic PTC Thermistor 0603


0603 Surface Mount  PTC Thermistor 2

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