Taped Disc High Voltage Varistor 560V For Huawei Bull 65W Power Adapter

Taped Disc High Voltage Varistor 560V For Huawei Bull 65W Power Adapter

Product Details:

Brand Name: JYVDR
Certification: CQC,UL1449,TUV
Model Number: JYVDR-10D561K

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 10000PCS
Price: 0.06-0.08 USD/PC
Packaging Details: Tape,1500pcs per reel,7500pcs per carton,12kg per carton,40*39*19cm
Delivery Time: 7-10 Workdays
Payment Terms: TT IN ADVANCE
Supply Ability: 100,000,000PCS PER MONTH
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Detail Information

Name: Varistor 10D561K Varistor Voltage: 560V±10%
Max Energy: 2.0KA (4000V) Max Power: 0.4W
Operating Temperature: -40~125℃ Max Capacitance: 210pF
CQC: CQC18001203056 UL1449 4th Ed: E481249
TUV: B 094255 0002 Rev.00 SGS: CANEC2121716206
Storage Temperature: -40~+85℃ Relative Humidity: ≤95%
High Light:

2.0KA High Voltage Varistor


560V High Voltage Varistor


Taped Disc Metal Oxide Varistor

Product Description

Taped Disc Standard Type Varistor 10D561K 560V For Huawei Bull 65W Power Adapter
Introduction Of The Chip Varistor 10D511K
10D561K is encapsulated surface mount MOV , fully qualified in lead free soldering and available for both reflow and wave soldering process. Its maximum operating ambient temperature is 125ºC with peak pulse current of 2000A. The varistor 10D561K from AMPFORT. In the event of overvoltage, the resistance will break down, cut off the fuse, and protect other circuits inside the charger.
Taped Disc High Voltage Varistor 560V For Huawei Bull 65W Power Adapter 0



Features Of The Varistor 10D561K


* Encapsulated packages, SMD type.
* Colorful enclosure, matching with LED lighting fixtures overall product design.

* RoHS REACH compliant

* Available for SMT flow/reflow soldering

* Low profile and space saving

* Large capability to withstand high surge current

* Low inductance construction with excellent response

* Encapsulation material according to UL94-V0

* Operating temperature range: -40°C ~ +125C

* Storage temperature range: -40°C ~ +125°C

* Agency recognition: UL/cUL.CQC,TUV

* Good solderability

* Available in tape and reel

* Application of AC power meters



Recommended Applications Of The Varistor 10D561K

* Suitable for LED lighting driver application.
* Switching power supply.
* Power strips,wall adapters

* Power supply

* Home appliance

* Industrial equipment

* Telecommunication or telephone system

1. Overvoltage protection of transistors, ICs, thyristors and semiconductor switching elements and various electronic and electrical equipment
2. Surge absorption and overvoltage protection for household appliances
3. Industrial electrical surge absorption
4. Electrostatic discharge and noise signal cancellation
5. Surge absorption of relays and solenoid valves
6. Overvoltage protection of leakage switch
7. Lightning protection and overvoltage protection of telephone program-controlled switches and communication equipment.


Customer Services Of The Varistor 10D561K

* Customized design and production.
* Surge protective countermeasures for terminal equipment.
* Trial run for surge standard requirements.

Dimension Of The Varistor 10D561K


Taped Disc High Voltage Varistor 560V For Huawei Bull 65W Power Adapter 1 
Taped Disc High Voltage Varistor 560V For Huawei Bull 65W Power Adapter 2

Pad A Pad B Pad center distance C Diameter D Height H±1.0 Thickness T
Φa b1 b2
10D271 4.0 4.0 2.5 8.25 10.0 14.2 2.0
10D471 10D511 10D561 3.0
05D 07D 10D All series use 15-inch reel and 24-inch feeder placement machine

Highly Recommended:
1. In the drawing board, it is recommended that the A solder joint be used as the L line, the B solder joint
as the N line, and the copper skin connected to the B solder joint is routed around the pressure-sensitive
chip circle (the entire diameter D should be regarded as belonging to the A solder joint.

2. For the sake of safety arcing, the circular edge of the chip should be at least 2.5mm away from any

other conductive device, as shown in the figure above (in order to prevent mutual displacement with

other devices during patching, if the space allows, please reserve the larger the interval is. Okay.)
3. The use of varistors in DC circuits has unfavorable factors. It is not recommended to use varistors in
rectified DC circuits. Please consider carefully or contact our company at 18128566098
(sales1@ampfort.net), thank you!
Specification Of The Varistor 10D561K


Varistor Voltage Max Allowable Voltage Max Clamp Voltage(8/20us) Max Energy Max Static Power Capacitance
VDC VAC VDC VDC IP Combined wave(A) W pF
10D271 270±10% 170 220 450 35A 2.0KA(4000V) 0.4 380
10D471 470±10% 300 380 760 40A 250
10D511 510±10% 325 415 835 230
10D561 560±10% 350 450 920 210

For different voltage application environments, we recommend the following pressure sensitive
combinations to provide overvoltage, surge and lightning stroke protection for ACLED.

Working Voltage
Forestage Varistor Parameter Back-end Varistor Parameter Remarks
110VAC±20% 270VDC±10% / In view of the insufficient voltage withstand capability of the IC, the two-stage varistor can be upgraded to 4KV lightning protection. The user can choose the varistor size according to the requirements of the anti-surge level.
220-230VAC±20% 510VDC±10% 470VDC±10%
240VAC±20% 560VDC±10% 510VDC±10% The combination is recommended for users in Indian and Brazil.

Because the varistor is easy to deteriorate in an environment with large voltage fluctuations, the varistor
voltage should be selected as much as possible under the premise that the IC (MOS tube) + lamp bead
on the lamp board has a sufficient withstand voltage and the voltage fluctuation area is large. A
combination with a higher value should be selected, and a varistor with a large flow and a large size
should be selected as far as possible under the premise of the cost. 
Certifications Of The Varistor 10D561K


Certification CHINA CQC GB/T10193-1997 10D:CQC18001203056
USA/Canada UL UL1449 E481249-20180122
Germany (EU) TUV IEC61051 B 094255 0002 Rev.00
ROHS SGS/SVHC SGS is updated annually
SVHC is effective for a long time
10DSGS:CANEC2121716206 SVHC:CANEC2200885702



Package Of The Varistor 10D561K


10D271 2000 2 10000 11
10D471 1500 2.2 7500 12
10D511 1500 2.2 7500 12
10D561 1500 2.2 7500 12



Appendix II: Form of Pulse Derating Curve


Specificati on/Model Pulse Width 50us 100us 500us
Current 5A 10A 50A 100A 5A 10A 50A 100A 5A 10A 50A 100A
05D Times 104 102 X X 102 10 X X 10 X X X
07D 106 104 2 X 105 103 X X 102 2 X X
10D 103 10 105 102 2 106 103 1 X
14D 104 103 106 103 102 106 104 2 1
20D 105 104 104 103 106 103 101

Taped Disc High Voltage Varistor 560V For Huawei Bull 65W Power Adapter 3

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