Micro Box Radial Sub Miniature Fuse 20A 350V Leaded Time Lag

Micro Box Radial Sub Miniature Fuse 20A 350V Leaded Time Lag

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Dongguan,Guangdong,CN
Brand Name: AMPFORT
Certification: UL,TUV
Model Number: TMST20A 350V

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 10000PCS
Price: 0.06 USD/PC
Packaging Details: Tape,1000pcs per box,10 boxes per carton,6kg/carton,44*35*22cm
Delivery Time: 10 workdays
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10,000,000PCS per week
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Detail Information

Name: Subminiature Fuse Current Rating, Amp: 20A
Voltage, AC: 350V Characteristic: Slow Blow
Voltage, DC: 100V RoHS Compliant: Yes
Packaging: Tape Fuse Type: Board Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded)
Type: Radial, Box Breaking Capacity: 35A
Operating Temperature: -55°C ~ 125°C Approval Agency: UL,CUL,TUV
Max Voltage Drop: 85mV I2TMelting Integral: 960 A2S
P/N: TMS2200A Response Time: Slow Blow
High Light:

Radial Sub Miniature Fuse


350V Sub Miniature Fuse


Subminiature Surface Mount Fuses

Product Description


Micro Box Type Radial Leaded Time Lag Subminiature Fuse TMS T20A 350V With UL TUV Certifications


Description Of The Time Lag Subminiature Fuse


Subminiature, radial lead, High I2 t, time-lag design, rated 350VAC, 72 DC, up to 20A, Approved by UL,CUL,TUV and complied with UL 248-Standards:In accordance with IEC60127-1, IEC60127-3 Standard sheet4, GB9364.1-1997, GB9364.3-1997.

Micro Box Radial Sub Miniature Fuse 20A 350V Leaded Time Lag 0



Certification Of The Time Lag Subminiature Fuse



Ampere Range

Agency File Number

c UL us 50mA ~ 20A E340427 (JDYX )(JDYX7)
TUV 50mA ~ 20A J50466477
c UR us 50mA ~ 6.3A E340427(JDYX8) (JDYX2)

Micro Box Radial Sub Miniature Fuse 20A 350V Leaded Time Lag 1

Micro Box Radial Sub Miniature Fuse 20A 350V Leaded Time Lag 2



Features Of The Time Lag Subminiature Fuse


- High I2 t, High amp ratings to 20A

- Time lag (350 VAC)

- Meet UL 248-14

- Wide operating temperature range

- Bulk and Tape & Ammo packing available

- Full compliance with EU Directive 2011/65/EU and amending directive 2015/863

- Halogen Free and Lead Free




Application Of The Time Lag Subminiature Fuse


Provide individual protection for components or internal circuits.

- Power supplies

- Battery chargers

- Consumer Electronics

- Adapter

- Industrial Controllers



Part Numbering Of The Time Lag Subminiature Fuse


Breaking Capacity: 35A or 10In whichever is greater.
After the test, the insulation resistance value is greater than 0.1ΜΩ


Part No.





Max Voltage

Drop (mv)



TMS0050A 50mA 350V 1600 0.015
TMS0063A 63mA 350V 1600 0.016
TMS0080A 80mA 350V 1500 0.017
TMS0100A 100mA 350V 1500 0.02
TMS0125A 125mA 350V 760 0.10
TMS0160A 160mA 350V 500 0.15
TMS0200A 200mA 350V 260 0.21
TMS0250A 250mA 350V 240 0.48
TMS0315A 315mA 350V 220 0.78
TMS0400A 400mA 350V 200 1.22
TMS0500A 500mA 350V 190 2.11
TMS0630A 630mA 350V 180 2.88
TMS0800A 800mA 350V 160 3.92
TMS1100A 1A 350V 140 5.77
TMS1125A 1.25A 350V 130 8.34
TMS1160A 1.6A 350V 120 13.60
TMS1200A 2A 350V 100 26
TMS1250A 2.5A 350V 100 42
TMS1300A 3A 350V 100 45
TMS1315A 3.15A 350V 100 90
TMS1350A 3.5A 350V 100 100
TMS1400A 4A 350V 100 120
TMS1500A 5A 350V 100 170
TMS1630A 6.3A 350V 100 290
TMS1800A 8A 350V 100 320
TMS2100A 10A 350V 95 450
TMS2120A 12A 350V 95 460
TMS2150A 15A 350V 85 480
TMS2160A 16A 350V 85 515
TMS2200A 20A 350V 85 960



Operating Characteristics Of The Time Lag Subminiature Fuse


% of Ampere Rating(In)

Blowing Time

150%* In 60 min Minimum
210%* In 2 min Max
275%* In 400 ms~10 s
400%* In 150 ms~3 s
1000%* In 20 ms~150 ms



Selection Table Of The Time Lag Subminiature Fuse



Micro Box Radial Sub Miniature Fuse 20A 350V Leaded Time Lag 3Micro Box Radial Sub Miniature Fuse 20A 350V Leaded Time Lag 4 



Can fast-acting fuse replaced by slow blow fuse ?


The two can replace each other in some circuits with less stringent requirements, but cannot replace each other in circuits with strict requirements.
T2A is a slow blow fuse and F2A is a fast blow fuse. The main difference between a slow-blow fuse and a fast-blow fuse is its ability to withstand instantaneous pulse current, which means that it can resist the impact of surge current when switching on and off without moving, thus ensuring the normal operation of the equipment, so slow-blow fuses Often referred to as a surge fuse.
From a technical point of view, slow-blow fuses have a larger melting heat value and require a larger amount of energy to fuse. Therefore, for fuses with the same rated current, slow-blow fuses are much more resistant to pulses than fast-blow fuses.
Since the thermal energy value of the slow-blow fuse is larger than that of the fast-blow fuse of the same specification, the fusing time will be slower than that of the fast-blow fuse when an overcurrent occurs in the circuit.
Once the circuit fails, the overcurrent will not disappear by itself. The energy of the continuous overcurrent will greatly exceed the thermal energy value of the fuse. No matter what kind of fuse will be blown, the time difference between slow blowing and fast blowing is important for its protection requirements. It is not very important, only when there are sensitive devices in the protected circuit that need to be protected, slow fuse will have an impact on the protection performance.

Because of these differences, slow-blow fuses and fast-blow fuses are used in different circuits: pure resistive circuits (no or little surge) or circuits that need to protect sensitive and valuable components such as ICs must use fast-blow fuses; For capacitive or inductive circuits (there is a surge when switching on and off), it is best to use slow-blow fuses in the input/output parts of the power supply; in addition to protecting IC circuits, slow-blow fuses can be used in most situations where fast-blow fuses are used. It improves the anti-interference ability; on the contrary, if the fast-blow fuse is used in the place where the slow-blow fuse is used, it will often cause the phenomenon that the instant-blow fuse cannot work normally.

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