70ppm TCR 6432 2512 Surface Mount SMD Precision Resistor 2W 4mOhm 1% 2% 3% 5%

70ppm TCR 6432 2512 Surface Mount SMD Precision Resistor 2W 4mOhm 1% 2% 3% 5%

Product Details:

Brand Name: AMPFORT
Certification: ROHS
Model Number: TCS2512004S2W0

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 5000PCS
Price: 0.07~0.1 USD/PC
Packaging Details: T&A,5000/Reel
Delivery Time: 10 workdays
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1KKPCS Per week
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Detail Information

Name: SMD Precision Resistor Size: 2512
Main Resistance: 3mOhm~10mOhm Coating: Ink
Electrode: Cu 、Ni Bonding Sheet: Prepreg
TCR: ±70ppm Package: 5000 Pcs/reel
SMD: Surface Mount Device Terminal Pad Materials: Tin-plated Nickel-Copper
High Light:

70ppm Current Sensing Resistor


SMD Current Sensing Resistor


4mOhm Surface Mount Resistor

Product Description


70ppm TCR 6432 2512 Surface Mount SMD Precision Resistor 2W 4mOhm 1% 2% 3% 5% 


Introduction of SMD Precision Resistor


The precision current sensing resistor is a fixed resistor with very low resistance error value, can flow a large amount of current, good weather resistance and mechanical strength, and high operating ambient temperature. At the same time, the resistance value drifts with temperature changes. Low; In addition, its electrical characteristics are stable, CSR is a resistor product with extremely high stability among fixed resistors
According to different materials and processes, there are four main resistance technologies: wirewound resistors, thick film resistors, thin film resistors, and metal foil resistors.

70ppm TCR 6432 2512 Surface Mount SMD Precision Resistor 2W 4mOhm 1% 2% 3% 5% 0



Available Features

RoHS compliant*
Suitable for most types of soldering processes
EB welded shunts
AEC-Q200 compliant
Very high power
Very low resistance
Excellent long term stability
Low inductance value
Low thermal EMF
Four terminal designs available
Bare copper and tin-plated terminals
Sulfur resistant




Specification sheet of SMD Precision Resistor


Terminal Pad Solderability: Meets EIA Specification RS186-9E And ANSI/J-STD-002 Category 3.

Terminal Pad Materials: Tin-plated Nickel-Copper

Lead-Free, RoHS Compliant

TABLE Ⅰ. Construction And Dimension (Unit:mm)

P/N Marking L W T A
TCS2512004S2W0 R004 6.40±0.2 3.20±0.2 0.40±0.2 1.00±0.2

TABLE Ⅱ. Performance Specification

P/N Marking Prat 70℃(Watt) Ro(mΩ) Rt(±%) Vmax (V) TCR(ppm) Ri(MΩ) Ta(℃)
TCS2512004S2W0 R004 2.00 4.00 1,2,3,5 (P*R)1/2 ±70 >100 70.00

TABLE Ⅲ. Temperature and heat derating curve.

70ppm TCR 6432 2512 Surface Mount SMD Precision Resistor 2W 4mOhm 1% 2% 3% 5% 1

Rated power refers to the term that can be used continuously at full power within 70 C.

The following figure shows the usable power attenuation curve when the operating temperature is higher than 70 C.

TABLE Ⅳ. Tape And Reel Specifications (mm)

70ppm TCR 6432 2512 Surface Mount SMD Precision Resistor 2W 4mOhm 1% 2% 3% 5% 2

TABLE Ⅴ. Recommended Solder Reflow Conditions

70ppm TCR 6432 2512 Surface Mount SMD Precision Resistor 2W 4mOhm 1% 2% 3% 5% 3

‧Recommended reflow methods:IR, vapor phase oven, hot air oven.

‧Devices are not designed to be wave soldered to the bottom side of the board.

‧Recommended maximum paste thickness is 0.15 mm (0.006 inch).

‧Devices can be cleaned using standard method and solvents. Note:If reflow temperatures exceed the recommended profile, devices may not meet the performance requirements.

‧In case of special use, please contact our engineer



TABLE VI. Recommended Pad Layout (mm)


70ppm TCR 6432 2512 Surface Mount SMD Precision Resistor 2W 4mOhm 1% 2% 3% 5% 4



Order Information & Packaging


TCS2512 004 Tape & Reel Quantity

Product name

Size 6432 mm / 2512 mils

SMD:surface mount device



5000 pcs/reel



Types of Current Sensing Resistors


Wirewound Precision Resistors The earliest precision resistor technology, high-precision wirewound resistor TCR can achieve ±1ppm/°C, the best precision wirewound resistor can achieve a resistance value close to 50M, and the resistance value accuracy can achieve ±0.001%, suitable for ultra-high Precision high resistance applications. Due to the development of other resistor technologies, precision wirewound resistors tend to be on the verge of being eliminated because of their high price and disadvantages such as inductance
Thick Film Precision Resistors Realized by printing and sintering of resistor paste, the most precise thick film resistor technology TCR can achieve ±50ppm/°C; the highest resistance value accuracy can reach ±0.1%; it is mainly used in the requirements of high voltage, high resistance value and high precision.
The disadvantage of thick film resistors is that it is difficult to achieve high precision and low TCR in the low resistance part, the noise index is not good, and the long-term stability is generally worse than other precision resistors.
Thin Film Precision Resistors Thin film precision resistors are realized by depositing resistive materials on a carrier; it is the most popular precision resistor technology at present. Through long-term multilayer film deposition, high-precision resistance adjustment and later screening, the optimal precision thin-film resistor can achieve a TCR of ±2ppm/°C, an accuracy of ±0.01%, and good long-term stability. The disadvantage is that the power is not large, the low resistance part is not good, it is not antistatic, the power coefficient is poor, it is difficult to meet the supply of small batches, and the consistency of different batches is not good.
Metal foil precision resistors By sticking the alloy foil on the carrier for stress balance, the temperature drift close to zero can be obtained. By etching the resistance pattern and adjusting the resistance, an accuracy of up to ±0.001% can be obtained. The best foil resistors have a 6-year storage resistance drift of only ±2ppm, antistatic, non-inductive and non-capacitive, no hot spot design, low noise, and low voltage coefficient. The disadvantage of foil resistors is that the resistance value cannot be very high. The maximum size of the chip resistor can only be up to 150K, and the maximum size of the pin resistance can only be up to 2M. In addition, due to the process and customer base, the unit price of the foil resistor is high cost.



Advantages and disadvantages of different types of precision resistors


Features Resistance tolerance TCR

Size miniaturi


Withstand power Usable temperature range Power decay temperature point


motive force

Long electrode polarization Surface temperature



affect electrical characteristics

Resistance breadth Product stability
Thin Film Precision Resistors High High Yes Low Low Low High Without High Yes Small Low
Thick Film Precision Resistors High High Yes Low Low Low High Without High Yes Small Low
Metal foil process High Low Yes High High High Low Yes Low No Big High



Explanation of current sensing resistor


1. Resistance accuracy: resistance error range (D=0.5%, F=±1%, G=±2%, H=±3%, J=±5%)
2. Temperature Coefficient (TCR) : Resistance Drift Coefficient with Temperature

3. Rated power: At room temperature, the element can withstand the maximum power of the current flowing

4. Operating temperature range: the temperature range in which the element can operate

5. Power decay temperature point: the highest temperature at which the element produces power decay

6. Thermoelectromotive force : The error voltage coefficient of the element due to the Seebeck effect (thermoelectric effect)

7. Self-inductance: the error voltage coefficient of the component due to the magnetoelectric effect



General characteristic test


1.R0 (installed resistance value)
2. TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance)
3.Power (rated power)
4.Stature between Electrode and Paint (height difference between electrode and solder mask)
5.Ri (insulation resistance test)
6.Solderability (solderability test)



Reliability (long-term) test


7.Short Time Overload
8.Intensity of Plating
9.Substrate Bending (bending test)
10.Current Stability Test
11.Resistance to Solder Heat
12.The Surface Temperature Test
13.High Temperature Load Life (high temperature test)
14.Low Temperature Load Life (low temperature test)
15. Moisture Load Life (high humidity test)
16. Thermal Shock
17. Load Life at 70°C (70°C environmental test)
18. Pulse Test



Product structure


70ppm TCR 6432 2512 Surface Mount SMD Precision Resistor 2W 4mOhm 1% 2% 3% 5% 5

Section Material
Coating Ink
Electrode Cu,Ni
Element Alloy metal
Bonding Sheet  Prepreg
Support plate Metal
Marking Ink



Process description


Pressing (alloy and carrier are pressed together by bonding sheet) => Lines (make line graphics according to the required specifications)=> Electroplating (electrode thickened and electroplated with copper nickel tin)=> Measure and repair the resistance (according to the specification requirements, repair the resistance to the specified resistance value range)=> Cut (cut to a fixed size)=>Test package (finished product resistance test and carrier tape packaging).



Application field of Current Sensing Resistors


* Power industry: adaptor/converter/inverter/transducer/charger
* Home appliance industry: white goods (air conditioners/washing machines/refrigerators/microwave ovens...etc.)/black home appliances (LCD TVs, plasma TVs...etc.)
* Battery Industry: Battery Protection Board/Control Board (Batteries for Electric Vehicles, Motors, Pedal Vehicles/Power Tools/3C Industry, etc.)

* Automotive Electronics Industry: Vehicle Power Conversion
* Equipment/Audio/Micro-motor equipment (electric, window electric chair, electric side central locking/rearview mirror...etc.)
* Network Communication Industry: Central Office Switch/Security Unit (MDF)/Client Switch/Modem/Router/Hub
* Computer Industry : NB/Desktop/Tablet/Server/Monitor
* Computer Peripheral Industry: Hard Disk Drive/CD-ROM/Keyboard/Mouse/Scanner/Printer/Card Reader (POS)/Audio-Video, Visualization Module/Audio-Video, Video, Video Network
* Membrane identification module
* Consumer Electronics Industry: Car DVD/Satellite Navigation/Smart Phone/Talkie/Digital Camera/Digital Video Recorder/Portable DVD/Audio Equipment/MP3/MP4/Game console
* Lighting Industry : LED/HID/CCFL/HALOGEN LAMP/Ballast
* Industrial Electronics (Equipment) Industry: Security Alarm/Anti-theft System/Instrument/Equipment Electronic Control System/Motor/Inverter
* Office equipment industry: copiers/fax machines/office machines



Basic circuit application



70ppm TCR 6432 2512 Surface Mount SMD Precision Resistor 2W 4mOhm 1% 2% 3% 5% 6

CSR is a current sensing element
Its function is to transmit the measured information to the IC comparator to determine subsequent actions (PWM/PFC/OCP/OPP), so the accuracy of CSR is very important
High precision (△R<1%), high power load (P>2W), small size (D<0805)



Basic principles of product selection



The selection of CSR shall take into account the following parameters:
1.Shape: SMD or DIP
2.Size: 0603/0805/1206/2512/3921......
3. Resistance value R and resistance error value △R
4. Maximum steady state operating current Imax
5. Thermoelectromotive force TEMF
6. Power attenuation value and safety attenuation value



Selection Method


Step 1: Confirm circuit related parameters
Step 2: Select the desired resistance value in the loop.
Step 3: Select the required accuracy of the resistance value, that is, the minimum error value.
Step 4 : Confirm the maximum current flowing through the element regularly in the loop
Step 5: Calculate the minimum rated power required for the component at this current
1. Temperature (power) decay rate
2. Safe decay rate
Step 6: Select the required size according to the design space.
Step 7: With or without thermal electromotive force (EMF) considerations.
Step 8: Actual installation test.

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