Metal Oxide Varistor Built-in Smart PTC Thermistor MZ11-08E600~121RM 14D391 For Nonlinear Power Supply

Metal Oxide Varistor Built-in Smart PTC Thermistor MZ11-08E600~121RM 14D391 For Nonlinear Power Supply

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Place of Origin: Dongguan,China
Brand Name: AMPFORT
Certification: UL
Model Number: MZ11-08E600~121RM/14D391

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1000PCS
Price: 0.4 USD/PC
Packaging Details: Bulk
Delivery Time: 10 workdays
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100,000pcs per week
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Detail Information

Name: PTC Thermistor Coating: Green Silicone Resin
Lead: Tinned Reed Rated Zero Power Resistance Value: 60-120Ω±2%
Rated Varistor Voltage Value: 390VDC±10% Inactive Feature: 40mA △R/Rn≤50%
Action Characteristics: 150mA ≤120S Max Withstand Voltage: 500VAC △R/Rn≤30%
Max Operating Voltage: 265VAC Curie Temperature: 115±7℃
High Light:

Metal Oxide Varistor PTC Thermistor


Built in Smart PTC Thermistor


Nonlinear Power Supply PTC Thermistor

Product Description


Metal Oxide Varistor Built-in Smart PTC Thermistor MZ11-08E600~121RM/14D391 For Nonlinear Power Supply


Description Of The Smart PTC Thermistor


MZ11 type PTC thermistor is mainly assembled in the power input terminal of microcomputer control panel of various household appliances, instruments and meters, or in communication lines and communication equipment for overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating and lightning protection. This product is also called ten thousand times fuse or resettable fuse in electronic engineering. Due to its dual sensitivity to temperature and current, it makes up for the shortcomings of temperature switches that are not sensitive to current and conventional fuses that are not sensitive to temperature. It has the advantages of fast response, strong protection, and high reliability. Truly high quality and inexpensive protection components. When used, it can be directly wound in the transformer wire package or assembled on the circuit board. The protection principle is: connect it in series in the load circuit, when the circuit is in normal working state, the current flowing through the PTC thermistor is not enough to make the temperature rise exceed the Curie temperature and it is in a low resistance state, once the circuit fails or When the overvoltage causes a sudden increase in the current in the circuit, the resistance of the PTC thermistor increases by 3-4 orders of magnitude in a short period of time due to self-heating, and the circuit is cut off in a high resistance state.
When the fault is removed, the PTC thermistor returns to the original conduction state.

The measured voltage is 220V and 265V, the current flowing through the primary of the transformer, tell us the parameters, and you can send samples for testing,electric energy meter application.



Application Guide Of The Smart PTC Thermistor

1. Our company generally requires the manufacturer to measure the current flowing through the primary of the transformer at 1.0Un, 1.2Un, and 1.9Un when the transformer is normally loaded with the PTC thermistor used for the primary overvoltage and overcurrent protection of the transformer.
2. For the carrier meter, our company requires that the ammeter be directly introduced into the assembly circuit of the thermistor. 3. For the three-phase electric meter, our company requires to measure the current flowing through the primary of the transformer when the single-phase power supply is 1.0Un, 1.2Un, and 1.9Un.
4. Unless otherwise specified, the default maximum working ambient temperature of the meter is 70°C. 5. Due to the difference in technology, instantaneous output power and volume of transformers that resist 1.9Un for four hours, our company generally does not recommend manufacturers to use transformers that resist 1.9Un for four hours.
6. If you replace transformers from different manufacturers or the same transformer is used on different power boards, our company recommends that you re-measure relevant parameters and report to our company for confirmation.
7. If your product requires normal measurement under wide voltage (110V-440V), please use our company's composite PTC thermistor.



Application circuit Of The Smart PTC Thermistor


Metal Oxide Varistor Built-in Smart PTC Thermistor MZ11-08E600~121RM 14D391 For Nonlinear Power Supply 0



Transformer Primary Thermistor Specifications Of The Smart PTC Thermistor


P/N non-operating current
Operating current
Applicable transformer
MZ11-06E201-401RM 25 80 15 20 60
MZ11-06E301-601RM 20 70 12 18 50
MZ11-06E501-801RM  15 60 10 12 40
MZ11-06E701-102RM 10 50 6.5 8 35
MZ11-06E901-122RM 8 40 5.0 6.5 30
MZ11-06E102-152RM 6 30 4.5 5.0 30
MZ11-04B201-401RM 10 35 6.0 8.0 30
MZ11-04B401-701RM 8.5 30 5.0 7.0 25
MZ11-04B501-801RM 8 30 4.5 6.5 25
MZ11-04B801-122RM 6.5 25 4.0 5.0 20
MZ11-04B102-122RM 6.0 20 4.0 4.5 18
MZ11-08D131-191RM 25 80 15 20 70
MZ11-08E151-251RM 35 90 25 30 80
MZ11-08E900-161RM 40 120 30 35 110
MZ11-08E650-101RM 50 150 35 40 130
MZ11-08E450-700RM 60 200 40 50 180
MZ11-09E200-400RM 80 250 50 70 200



Part Numbering Of The Smart PTC Thermistor


Part number Normal Operating Voltage Suitable Meter
MZ11-06E201-401RM/10D391 220±50%AC single-phase 220V
MZ11-06E151-251RM/10D391 220±50%AC single-phase 220V
MZ11-06D500-101RM/10D181 100±50%AC three-phase 100V
MZ11-08E600-121RM/14D391 220±50%AC 220V large user terminal
MZ11-10A101-201RM/14D391 220±50%AC 1200VAC solution
MZ11-10E300-500RM/14D900 57.7±50%AC three-phase 57.7V


Why should be smart ptc thermistor ?


It has been more than ten years since PTC thermistor was used for overvoltage protection in the primary stage of the meter transformer in 1998. Because the use of thermistor has strict requirements on the parameter matching of the transformer, the environmental temperature has a great influence on its protection speed. Many electric energy meter manufacturers are eager to have a general-purpose PTC thermistor, without considering the size of the power load, without considering the differences between transformer manufacturers, without considering the impact of ambient temperature on the response speed, and meeting all single-phase or three-phase meters. transformer primary overvoltage requirements and can just
Locally reduce the impact of surge voltage and group pulse on meter accuracy. When overvoltage is applied, it responds immediately in a short time, so that the primary voltage of the transformer is clamped at about 220V, and the meter works normally. After the overvoltage is reduced, it will return to the original working state.
In order to thank many power meter users for their strong support and help to our company's products over the years, our company launched a composite PTC thermistor in early 2007. It is used to solve these problems that electric energy meter enterprises are plagued by. A PTC thermistor and a varistor (the varistor value varies according to the rated voltage of the transformer) are packaged together, and the thermistor responds quickly by using the current and temperature generated when the varistor is over-voltage. The effect of the rising resistance of the resistor on the voltage and current in turn protects the varistor.
protect. Due to the comprehensive protection effect of current and voltage between the thermistor and the varistor, the
Under the premise that the varistor is damaged, in the design of this composite PTC thermistor, we have made bold designs on the varistor's varistor voltage and the thermistor's rated operating current: it can meet all types of The primary overvoltage protection of the transformer can also speed up the thermal overvoltage protection at any ambient temperature.
The response speed of the varistor can also reduce the group pulse, and the high residual voltage during the surge process affects the accuracy of the meter. After the protection process is completed, due to the influence of the heat dissipation of the varistor, the primary of the transformer can maintain a normal operation of 220±20%. Voltage.
There is no overvoltage of 1.9Un after the composite PTC thermistor. We only require that the 56 transformer can work at 300VAC for a long time. This is for the transformer that requires a larger instantaneous power output for the carrier meter. The same volume can output more power. great power.
In order to verify the reliability of the long-term operation of the composite PTC thermistor. Since the beginning of 2007, our company has applied 450V high voltage for 1 minute on the high-voltage aging life test bench, and the power is turned off for 5 minutes for 1000 hours; in the high temperature aging room at 70℃, the high voltage 450V has been continuously operated for 1000 hours. Among the 200 samples, the thermistor and varistor were all intact.



About Us Of The Smart PTC Thermistor


AMPFORT is specialized in R&D, manufacturing, application and sales of PTC thermistors in China.
One of the famous manufacturers for sale. The company currently has a production plant area of ​​3,000 square meters, masters a complete set of mature production processes, has the most mainstream standard production lines, experienced professionals and advanced testing equipment, and annually produces and sells 150 million PTC thermistors. above. Technology leadership and application guidance are the core competitiveness of the company. At present, the company has dozens of senior technical personnel in the industry. It has joined hands with the material colleges of well-known domestic universities to participate in the scientific and technological research and application projects of PTC materials for many times. It has stable and mature fans. Body formula and four patents including composite PTC thermistor with independent intellectual property rights product. At the same time, the company also has a large number of professional sales staff, who have a deep understanding of the application principle of thermistors, enabling them to provide customers with advanced application solutions and perfect after-sales service. The company has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification. All products of the company meet the requirements of ROHS. The products are mainly used in the primary of smart meter power transformer, 485 232 communication interface, IC card interface 4-20mA small signal interface and relay contact protection and In the protection circuits such as arc extinguishing control, the company also has very unique application technology and experience in the protection circuits of low-power switching power supplies and linear power supplies. At present, it mainly serves the domestic first-class intelligent instrument manufacturers. Advanced management experience, standard production lines and professional production and R&D personnel ensure that the company's products have stable first-class quality and better functions, so that customers can feel better products, more reasonable prices and more intimate service. It is the unanimous pursuit of every Jinyang member.
AMPFORT hopes to be your seamless partner to create a better future with you!

Metal Oxide Varistor Built-in Smart PTC Thermistor MZ11-08E600~121RM 14D391 For Nonlinear Power Supply 1

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