High Precision MF11 2Kohm 5% 3950 NTC Thermistor For Temperature Measurement

High Precision MF11 2Kohm 5% 3950 NTC Thermistor For Temperature Measurement

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Place of Origin: Dongguan,Guangdong,China
Brand Name: AMPFORT
Certification: CQC,TUV
Model Number: MF11-202J

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Minimum Order Quantity: 5KPCS
Price: 0.025~0.03USD/PC
Packaging Details: Bulk
Delivery Time: 2 Weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100KKPCS Per month
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Detail Information

Name: NTC Thermistor For Temperature Measurement Type: Temperature Compensation
Coating: Epoxy Resin Lead Wire: Tinned Copper Clad Steel Wire
Color Of Marking: Black R25: 2KΏ
Tolerance: J-±5% B25/50: 3950±10%
Operating Temp: -30 ~ 125℃ Thermal Time Constant: 20 Sec
High Light:

3950 Temperature NTC Thermistor


2Kohm Temperature NTC Thermistor


5% Tolerance Power NTC Thermistor

Product Description


High Precision MF11 2Kohm 5% 3950 NTC Thermistor For Temperature Measurement


About us Of The NTC Thermistor For Temperature Measurement


AMPFORT Electronics is an early professional manufacturer of NTC thermistors in China. The company's NTC thermistors are widely used in various handheld devices and miniaturized electronic devices, as well as in various temperature measurement and temperature compensation occasions. The production of NTC thermistors has low price and high quality, and can completely replace foreign brands such as Murata, TDK, EPCOS and so on.

High Precision MF11 2Kohm 5% 3950 NTC Thermistor For Temperature Measurement 0



What's MF11 NTC Thermistor ?


The mf11 thermistor is called "thermal switch". After the current passes through the element, the temperature rises, that is, the temperature of the heating element rises. When the Curie point temperature is exceeded, the resistance increases, thereby limiting the increase of the current, so the decrease of the current causes the temperature of the element to decrease, and the decrease of the resistance value makes the circuit current. When the temperature increases, the temperature of the component increases, and it repeats itself, so it has the function of keeping the temperature in a specific range, and also plays the role of a switch. Using this temperature resistance characteristic to make a heating source, as a heating element, there are air heaters, electric soldering irons, drying cabinets, air conditioners, etc., and it can also protect electrical appliances from overheating.

The mf11 thermistor has the characteristic of sudden change of negative resistance. At a certain temperature, the resistance value decreases sharply with the increase of temperature, and has a large negative temperature coefficient. The constituent material is a mixed sintered body of vanadium, barium, strontium, phosphorus and other element oxides, which is a semi-glass-like semiconductor, also known as CTR as a glass-like thermistor. The sudden change temperature varies with the addition of oxides such as germanium, tungsten, molybdenum, etc.

When testing, use the multimeter ohm gear (depending on the nominal resistance value to determine the gear, generally R×1 gear), which can be operated in two steps: first, normal temperature detection (indoor temperature is close to 25 ℃), use alligator clips instead of test pens to respectively clip The actual resistance value of the two live pins is measured and compared with the nominal resistance value. If the difference between the two is within ±2Ω, it is normal. If the actual resistance value is too different from the nominal resistance value, it means that its performance is poor or damaged.

Heating test, on the basis of normal temperature test, the second step test - heating test can be carried out, a heat source (such as an electric soldering iron) is heated close to the thermistor, and the multi-function indicator is observed. Until the universal indication changes with the increase of temperature, it shows that the resistance value is gradually changing (the resistance value of the temperature coefficient thermistor NTC will become smaller, and the resistance value of the positive temperature coefficient thermistor PTC will become larger). When the resistance value changes to a certain value, the displayed data will gradually stabilize, indicating that the thermistor is normal. If the resistance value does not change, it indicates that its performance has deteriorated and cannot be used continuously.



Application Scope Of The NTC Thermistor For Temperature Measurement


For general accuracy temperature measurement and temperature compensation in metering equipment, transistor circuits.

1: Temperature compensation for electronic circuits

2: Temperature compensation for measuring equipment

3: Temperature compensation for instrument coils, integrated circuits, and quartz crystal oscillators

4: Temperature measurement and temperature control with general accuracy



Features Of The NTC Thermistor For Temperature Measurement


1: MF11 series products are of radial lead resin coating type

2: Wide resistance range: 10Ω~500KΩ

3: Small error range of B value, good consistency and good interchangeability

4: High stability and reliability

5: Operating temperature range: -55~125℃
6. Cost-effective



Specification of MF11-202J


High Precision MF11 2Kohm 5% 3950 NTC Thermistor For Temperature Measurement 1

Coating Lead Body color Marking color
Epoxy resin Tinned copper clad steel wire Green Black


Electrical Properties
  Item Test Condition Performances
1 Zero power resistance value at 25°C R25 Ta=25±0.1℃, test power≤0.1mW 2KΩ±5%
2 Beta value B25/50 B=[(Ta×Tb)/(Tb-Ta)]×ln(Ra/Rb) 3950K±10%
3 Dissipation coefficient In still air app.4.5mW/℃
4 Thermal time constant In still air app.20sec
5 Insulation Resistance 1000V/DC 1min ≥500MΩ
6 Operating temp range / -30 ~ 125℃
7 Max Rated Power Pmax / 450mW



Series Specification Of The NTC Thermistor For Temperature Measurement


P/N R@25℃ Beta value
Range(Ω) Tolerance(%) B(25/50℃)(K) Tolerance(%)
MF11 3.3~33 ±5 ±10 ±20 2700 ±5
6.8~68 2830
15~150 2950
33~330 3100
68~680 3250
150~1500 3400
330~3300 3570
680~6800 3740
1500~15000 3900
3300~33000 4050
6800~68000 4250
15000~150000 4450
33000~330000 4670
68000~680000 4800
150000~5000000 5050

Note: Our company can also supply according to the special requirements of users.



Part Numbering Of The NTC Thermistor For Temperature Measurement


P/N R@25℃ Tolerance(%) Beta Value Tolerance(%)
MF11-050 5








10 2800
MF11-150 15 2800
MF11-200 20 2800
MF11-220 22 2800
MF11-270 27 3000
MF11-330 33 3000
MF11-390 39 3000
MF11-470 47 3100
MF11-500 50 3100
MF11-680 68 3100
MF11-820 82 3100
MF11-101 100 3200
MF11-121 120 3200
MF11-151 150 3200
MF11-201 200 3200
MF11-221 220 3500
MF11-271 270 3500
MF11-331 330 3500
MF11-391 390 3500
MF11-471 470 3500
MF11-501 500 3500
MF11-561 560 3500
MF11-681 680 3800
MF11-821 820 3800
MF11-102 1000 3800
MF11-122 1200 3800
MF11-152 1500 3800
MF11-202 2000 4000
MF11-222 2200 4000
MF11-272 2700 4000
MF11-302 3000 4000
MF11-332 3300 4000
MF11-392 3900 4000
MF11-472 4700 4050
MF11-502 5000 4050
MF11-562 5600 4050
MF11-682 6800 4050
MF11-822 8200 4050
MF11-103 10000 4050
MF11-123 12000 4050
MF11-153 15000 4150
MF11-203 20000 4300
MF11-303 30000 4300
MF11-473 47000 4300
MF11-503 50000 4300
MF11-683 68000 4300
MF11-104 100000 4500
MF11-124 120000 4700
MF11-154 150000 4700
MF11-204 200000 4700
MF11-304 300000 4700
MF11-504 500000 4800
MF11-105 1000000 4900

Note: custom made is available with us.

High Precision MF11 2Kohm 5% 3950 NTC Thermistor For Temperature Measurement 2

High Precision MF11 2Kohm 5% 3950 NTC Thermistor For Temperature Measurement 3

High Precision MF11 2Kohm 5% 3950 NTC Thermistor For Temperature Measurement 4

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