LPTC-500 Linear PTC Thermistor 500Ohm For Transformer Compressor Motor

LPTC-500 Linear PTC Thermistor 500Ohm For Transformer Compressor Motor

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Place of Origin: Dongguan,Guangdong,China
Brand Name: AMPFORT
Certification: ROHS
Model Number: LPTC-500

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1000PCS
Price: 0.7 USD/PC
Packaging Details: Tape in ammo or bulk
Delivery Time: 7 workdays
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100KKPCS Per month
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Detail Information

Name: Linear PTC Thermistor R25: 500 Ohm
Tolerance: ±3%;+5%、-5% Temperature: -40℃~+150℃
Mounting: THT Shape: DO-35,Axial
Material: Silicon Single Crystal Technology: Ceramic Insulation Power Type
High Light:

Transformer Compressor Motor Linear PTC Thermistor


500Ohm Linear PTC Thermistor


Transformer Compressor Motor PTC Thermistor

Product Description


LPTC-500 Linear PTC Thermistor 500 Ohm For Transformer Compressor Motor


Descaription Of The Linear PTC Thermistor


Various types of KTY and LPTC temperature sensor chip structures are based on the principle of diffusion resistance. The main component is silicon, which is inherently stable and has an actual online linear temperature coefficient within the measurement range, ensuring high accuracy of temperature measurement. Therefore, this class has the characteristics of "high precision, high reliability and stability, and positive temperature coefficient".

LPTC-Chips***LPTC chip-----used to make in-line chip for sensor. -----Crystal oscillator compensation chip. The chip resistance value depends on the user's parameters. The chip electrode is a Ni-Sn composite electrode with high reliability and good solderability. It is characterized by accurate temperature measurement, small size and rapid response. Its performance characteristics are that according to the temperature change within the measuring range -55℃ to +175℃, the resistance value is roughly linearly changed from about 300Ω to 2000Ω.



Application Of The Linear PTC Thermistor


LPTC silicon temperature sensor is widely used in some special fields. For example, it is mainly used in temperature measurement and control systems in automobiles (oil temperature measurement in oil modules, temperature measurement and transmission of diesel injection systems, and engine cooling systems); in climate control system industry, it is mainly used in overheat protection, heating control System, power supply protection, temperature control of color printing equipment in the field of solar water heater temperature measurement, automotive oil temperature measurement, engine cooling system, engine overheat protection, industrial control system overheat protection, heating control system, power supply protection, etc. In compressor manufacturing, transformers, household appliances and other industries, it is also suitable for temperature measurement of various medium industrial pipelines and equipment in small spaces. Automotive oil temperature measurement, oil module, diesel injection system, transfer temperature measurement, engine cooling system.



Specification Of The Linear PTC Thermistor


Part Number








Operating Temperature


Corresponding to market generic models
LPTC83-110 R25=1000 ±1% R25=990-1010 -55℃~175℃ KTY83-1KΩseries
LPTC83-120 R25=1000 ±2% R25=980-1020
LPTC83-121 R25=1000 -2% R25=980-1000
LPTC83-122 R25=1000 +2% R25=1000-1020
LPTC83-150 R25=1000 ±5% R25=950-1050
LPTC83-151 R25=1000 -5% R25=950-1050
LPTC83-152 R25=1000 +5% R25=1000-1050
LPTC81-110 R25=1000 ±1% R25=990-1010



KTY81-1KΩ series
LPTC81-120 R25=1000 ±2% R25=980-1020
LPTC81-121 R25=1000 -2% R25=980-1000
LPTC81-122 R25=1000 +2% R25=1000-1020
LPTC81-150 R25=1000 ±5% R25=950-1050
LPTC81-151 R25=1000 -5% R25=950-1050
LPTC81-152 R25=1000 +5% R25=1000-1050
LPTC81-210 R25=2000 ±1% R25=1980-2020 -55℃~+150℃

KTY81-2KΩ series



LPTC81-220 R25=2000 ±2% R25=1960-2040
LPTC81-221 R25=2000 -2% R25=1960-2000
LPTC81-222 R25=2000 +2 R25=2000-2040
LPTC81-250 R25=2000 ±5% R25=1900-2100
LPTC81-251 R25=2000 -5% R25=1900-2000
LPTC81-252 R25=2000 +5% R25=2000-2100
LPTC84-130 R100=1000 ±3% R25=575-595 -40℃~+180℃ KTY84 series
LPTC84-150 R100=1000 ±5% R25=565-613
LPTC84-151 R100=1000 -5% R25=565-575
LPTC84-152 R100=1000 +5% R25=595-613
LPTC-200 R25=200 ±3%;+5%,-5%   -40℃~+150℃  
LPTC-500 R25=500 ±3%;+5%,-5%  
LPTC-1200 R25=1200 ±3%;+5%,-5%   -50℃~+125℃
LPTC-1600 R25=1600 ±3% R25=16000±50Ω
LPTC-3800 R25=3800 ±3%  
LPTC-4050 R25=4050 ±3% R25=3920-4172

This device is sensitive to ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD). Therefore care should be taken during transport and handling.

LPTC-500 Linear PTC Thermistor 500Ohm For Transformer Compressor Motor 0

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