• Dongguan Ampfort Electronics Co., Ltd. factory production line
  • Dongguan Ampfort Electronics Co., Ltd. factory production line
  • Dongguan Ampfort Electronics Co., Ltd. factory production line
  • Dongguan Ampfort Electronics Co., Ltd. factory production line
  • Dongguan Ampfort Electronics Co., Ltd. factory production line
  • Dongguan Ampfort Electronics Co., Ltd. factory production line
  • Dongguan Ampfort Electronics Co., Ltd. factory production line
  • Dongguan Ampfort Electronics Co., Ltd. factory production line
Production Line

Dongguan Ampfort Electronics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise professionally engaged in R&D and production of various protection components, including thermistors, temperature sensors, varistors, fuses and related accessories, fixed resistors, thermostats, composite protectors, discharge tubes, diode,triode,inductor,magnetic beads, etc., as well as agency of famous brands. Headquartered located in Dongguan City Liwu Industrial Park with convenient transportation access. All products adopt international quality standards and our products are sold to overseas with good reputation in different market.



I Switching power supply thermistor case


Compared with other thermistor manufacturers, the thermistor customized by Dongguan Ampfort Electronics has the characteristics of high power, strong surge current suppression, high reliability, long life, and low residual resistance. It is a representative of high cost performance, high reliability power NTC thermistor, with good quality and superior performance. Support special customization to meet our needs for different purposes. And their services are also very considerate, providing multiple service channels, pre-sales consultation and after-sales product use tracking, and truly realize a full service system.

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Because the switching power supply has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy transmission loss, flexible and changeable output, and small space occupied by general linear power supplies, it has been widely used. Up to now, switching power supplies are used almost without exception for the power supply of large electronic equipment, small household appliances, and the power supply of LED lights. It is the most commonly recognized high-efficiency and low-power power supply method, but low Power consumption. High-efficiency conversion (AC-DC) comes at a price. Switching power supplies will also cause a lot of troubles in practical applications, such as: EMC problems, power-on surge current problems, high-voltage and high-current conditions, and high-value key components are easy Frequent damages and early failures will cause the entire power system to be damaged prematurely, and electrical appliances or equipment cannot be used. This is one of the most troublesome things for the majority of circuit designers, especially power supply design engineers.

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II New energy vehicle thermistor application case 


The thermistor for new energy vehicles is selected from Ampfort Thermistor. Ampfort was awarded the "National High-tech Enterprise" as an electronic component brand integrating R&D, design, production and sales. The 37 engineers in the R&D team have more than 10 years of experience in the electronics industry, and have long-term cooperation with China Academy of Metrology, Nanjing Institute of Technology, Hefei University of Technology and other institutions; parameters and sizes can be customized according to customer requirements, focusing on customer special needs (Mechanical and electrical coordination, electronic product transformation and upgrading, plan provision, etc.).

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The temperature-measuring NTC thermistor produced by Ampfort has mature application schemes in automobile water temperature detection, engine temperature rise detection, and battery core temperature rise detection in battery management systems. Power type The NTC thermistor MF72, MF73 and other series have also been fully used in electric vehicle charging piles. As shown in the figure, it is a charging pile circuit with a power of 2KVA that is currently installed and used for electric vehicle charging piles.

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Ampfort focuses on the research and development, production and sales of a full range of sensitive components such as NTC thermistors, NTC temperature sensors, Pt platinum resistance temperature sensors, PTC thermistors and zinc oxide varistors. It is a semiconductor sensor that has won the domestic industry. One of the component manufacturers.

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III Application case of power NTC thermistor for household appliances


It is well known that power NTC thermistors play a major variability role in suppressing the instantaneous surge current of the power supply system.

The application of power NTC thermistors in the power supply system of household appliances represented by color TV sets has been widely used since the end of the 1980s with the popularization of large-scale color TV technology. NTC thermistors The use of suppressing surge current to absorb large current peaks has made the TV's power supply system a key component. Security devices have long life cycles. Today, this application seems to continue to be widely used in many office electronic equipment in color televisions and display computer systems, and with the continuous development of electronic and electrical equipment, it is expanding its application to more fields.

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With the help of our Ampfort Electronics team, a household appliance manufacturer that enjoys high brand influence both abroad and domestically has recently successfully applied the series of power NTC thermistors produced by our company to wall breakers, In the product of the soybean milk machine, the motor control system plays a major role in protecting the power supply system of the product.

Our company is one of the few domestic backbone enterprises that focus on R&D and production of NTC resistors. After 18 years of development, the company has a team of full-time R&D, testing and manufacturing technicians who have been deeply involved in the field of NTC thermistors for 18 years. It can provide a complete power supply for the power supply system designers of various enterprises and institutions, and a complete set of solutions for the suppression of inrush current in the motor system.


Remember me, Ampfort Electronic Co., Ltd. We only make excellent NTC !


The R&D organization of Ampfort Electronics is a high-level research and development platform for NTC thermal ceramic materials in China and the exchange of domestic talents with greater influence Cooperative scientific research base. The research center conducts extensive analysis and research on NTC thermistor ceramic materials, innovative research on new NTC thermistor products, new processes, and new equipment, large-scale NTC thermistor research, industrial production technology research, and the development of related scientific and technological achievements into productivity Strategic research, etc. The research center covers an area of 1,700 square meters, with more than 50 sets of various test and analysis equipment and instruments. For the continuous improvement of product technology, continuous update of technology, continuous improvement of performance and quality, it provides strong support and reliable guarantee.


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AMPFORT R&D team carries forward the spirit of tenacious hard work and hard work, and has successively developed a large number of new products, new processes, new tooling, and new equipment. Technicians have won many times the government-issued scientific and technological progress awards, participated in many national and provincial scientific and technological projects, and published many papers in specialized technical journals at home and abroad. They not only have a solid professional academic theoretical foundation, but also have rich practical experience in the development of semiconductor sensitive components and related fields for a long time.