About the application of NTC temperature sensor used in automotive BMS battery-AMPFORT Electronics

October 10, 2021

About the application of NTC temperature sensor used in automotive BMS battery-AMPFORT Electronics

About NTC temperature sensor used in automotive BMS battery


With the widespread application of new energy electric vehicles, battery capacity, safety, health and endurance have increasingly become the focus of attention. The battery management system is a system for monitoring and controlling the battery. In addition to the battery, the core component of the new energy vehicle is the battery management system (BMS). The battery management system (BMS) is mainly to improve the utilization rate of the battery. Prevent the battery from being overcharged and over-discharged, monitor the battery's status, and prolong the battery's service life.


Temperature has a great influence on the performance of automobile BMS battery. At present, only the surface temperature of the battery is generally measured. The NTC thermistor temperature sensor is used to measure the surface temperature of the battery. It is attached to the surface of the automobile battery to measure the temperature. Generally divided into several types:


1. Metal fixed ring type:


Material used for the head:


1. Copper nickel-plated material: 0.8mm metal thickness, with high melting point, high hardness, and bright surface.


2. Copper tin plated material: 0.8mm metal thickness, but the melting point is not high enough, the hardness is not large, and the surface is not bright with copper and nickel plating.


3. Stainless steel: 0.5-0.7mm thickness to prevent rust.


4. Pure nickel terminal: 0.2-0.3mm thickness, high hardness, convenient welding, light and thin.


2. Water drop head:


The head is encapsulated with epoxy resin:

1. The temperature sensor encapsulated by epoxy resin is usually glued directly on the surface of the battery, so the temperature measurement effect may be worse than that of the metal fixing ring, and the stability is not high. Generally, this kind of head is not used in high-end cars. The package measures the battery temperature.

Because it is used to monitor the temperature of the car battery, the ambient temperature near the battery will definitely be humid. The temperature sensor must have waterproof performance. Whether it is a metal fixing ring or a water drop head package, it is packaged with a single-ended glass thermistor. This waterproof effect is very good.


Therefore, the BMS battery management system is of great significance to the protection of electric vehicles and charging station equipment, and the temperature is also very important to the protection of the BMS battery management system.

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The NTC temperature sensor produced by AMPFORT has high reliability, good consistency and long service life, and can work normally in very harsh environments. The core components of the NTC temperature sensor have passed the CQC mark certification, the German TUV certification and the United States UL, C -UL safety certification, automotive grade MF52, MF51, MF58 passed AEC-Q200 testing. MF58 series products have passed 100,000 endurance tests in the UL standard. AMPFORT's various NTC temperature sensors are not only used in new energy vehicle batteries, but are also widely used in many other fields, such as the use of special NTC temperature sensors for ventilators in the new crown pneumonia epidemic; in sterilizable air purification Special NTC temperature sensor used in the device and so on.