Highly Responsive Temperature Sensor NTC Thermistor For Fire Alarm

March 3, 2024

Latest company news about Highly Responsive Temperature Sensor NTC Thermistor For Fire Alarm

In summer, the weather is urgent, and the incidence of fire accidents has also risen. In order to avoid the occurrence of fires, while strengthening people's safety awareness, it is also equipped with a more complete fire protection system and a sensitive fire alarm. In order to improve the sensitivity of the fire alarm device for smoke, Ampfort Electronics is recommended to place NTC thermistor to monitor temperature monitoring to help it better conduct fire detection.


The NTC thermistor is extremely sensitive to changes in temperature. It can quickly respond when the fire occurs, causing the fire alarm to connect the circuit to send an alarm to remind people to evacuate and extinguish the fire. The fire alarm is generally composed of NTC thermal resistance, bee singing alarm, and smoke sensors. When the fire occurs, the temperature will continue to rise, and the resistance value of the thermistor will decrease, thereby connecting the series circuits of the bee -shaped alarm reporter to achieve real -time alarm. The NTC thermistor also connects with the smoke sensor. The concentration of the concentration of the smoke will respond to the concentration comparison value of the preset. Starting the fire nozzle to perform real -time fire extinguishing, while improving the fire extinguishing efficiency, it will rescue the fire team.


The high stability and good performance of fire alarm can not only improve security, but also better protect the safety of people's lives and property. The epoxy packaging tiny NTC thermal resistance produced by Dongguan Ampfort Electronics Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of high sensitivity and auxiliary fire alerts at the beginning of the fire. The consistency is good; After starting, running stable; epoxy packaging tiny NTC thermal resistance is cost -effective, which can reduce the manufacturing cost of fire alarm.



The thermal resistance of epoxy packaging is generally a metal lead such as a tin -plated copper -plated steel wire or paint line line. After welding the thermist chip, it is wrapped in epoxy resin. This series of products can adopt different color epoxy resin, and the diameter of the lead is 0.25 ~ 0.5 mm.
Product characteristics: epoxy packaging, miniaturization, high accuracy; fast response time, good stability;
The main technical parameters:
1. By-based B value: 3000-4500k R25 ° C is a product with 0.5kΩ-2000kΩ.
2. Disposal coefficient (mW/℃): In the static air, about 2.1
3. Time constant (s): Static air ≤12
4. Work temperature range (℃): -40 ℃ ~+125 ℃
Scope of application: fire alarm, computer, copy machine, electronics calendar, thermometer, temperature control instrument and temperature compensation.