Instructions and functions of car fuse holder

May 31, 2022

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How is the car fuse holder used? What role does the fuse play when a fault occurs in the circuit? Next, our car fuse holder manufacturer will explain it to you one by one.


1. Instructions for use of the fuse holder
The car fuse holder is a seat used to install car fuses. The car fuse holder category can be divided into: panel mounted car fuse holder; lead type car fuse holder; car fuse clip. Panel mounted car fuse holders are mostly used in car electrical appliances, such as car amplifiers, car speakers, car DVDs, etc. Lead-type automotive fuse holders are mostly used in automotive wiring harnesses. The car fuse clip is used to install the car fuse on the circuit board, which is easy to install and easy to dismantle. And because the specifications of car fuses are different, the types of sockets are also different. According to the classification of installed fuses, it can be divided into blade type and tubular type. According to the size of the fuse, it can be divided into large fuse box, medium fuse box, and small fuse box. According to the material, it can be divided into plastic car fuse holder, bakelite car fuse holder and PVC car fuse holder. According to environmental protection, it can be divided into environmental protection fuse holders, non-environmental protection fuse holders, and installation methods: it can be divided into lead type automobile fuse holders and circuit board type fuse holders, and instrument panel installation fuse holders. Among them, the lead type automobile fuse holder also has the classification of wires. The classification of wires is generally based on the electronic wires of the national standard 1015 and 1007 series as the leads.

Second, what is the role of the fuse
When the circuit fails, the current will continue to rise, which may cause damage to the circuit, affect the use of other electrical appliances, and even cause a fire. If a fuse is installed, when the current is abnormal, it will reach a certain height. It will automatically blow the fuse, cut off the entire circuit, and play a protective role.

3. The working principle of the fuse
The temperature of the fuse rises due to the heat converted by the current. When the load is overloaded with normal operating current, the heat generated by the current and the heat dissipated by radiation/convection/conduction in the surrounding environment are gradually balanced; if the heat dissipation speed cannot keep up with the heat generation speed, then This heat will gradually accumulate on the melt and make the melt temperature rise. Once the temperature reaches and exceeds the melting point of the melt material, it will liquefy or vaporize, thereby disconnecting the current and protecting the circuit and personal safety. .

The above is the introduction of "Automotive Fuse Holder Instructions and Functions". If you need to know more about the car fuse holder, please contact our ampfort manufacturer.