Silicon KTY81 620MM PTC Thermistor

Silicon KTY81 620MM PTC Thermistor

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Place of Origin: Dongguan,Guangdong,China
Brand Name: AMPFORT
Certification: ROHS,UL
Model Number: KTY84-150-620TW

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Pieces
Price: TBA
Packaging Details: Bulk
Delivery Time: 7-10 Workdays
Payment Terms: T/T,Paypal
Supply Ability: 5,000,000 Pieces Per Month
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Detail Information

Product Name: Silicon PTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor Resistance: R25=580Ω±40Ω
Sensing Thermistor: AFT-KTY84-150 Cable: UL1332 26AWG TS Black PTFE
Terminal: 2.0 Copper Strip Terminal Tube: 2.0 PTFE Heat Shrinkable Tube
Cable Length: 620mm Tube Length: 50mm
High Light:

Silicon KTY81 PTC Thermistor


620MM PTC Thermistor


Copper strip linear ptc thermistor

Product Description


PTFE Coated Silicon PTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor KTY81 KTY83 KTY84 KTY10 620MM


I Description Of The Silicon PTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor


Silicon PTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor KTY84-150-620TW made of core chip AFT-KTY84-150,which compatible with NXP KTY83-1KΩ series. Chip soldered to PTFE cable UL1332 26AWG TS Black via 2.0 Copper strip terminal,then encapsulation by 2.0 PTFE heat shrinkable tube,which is compact desin .Featured with fast response, long stability and good consistency.Ampfort Specializing in the production of "silicon material positive temperature coefficient KTY series thermistors and temperature sensors" for "driving motors and control motors", the main models are KTY84-130, KTY84-150, KTY84-151, KTY84-152 several specifications, The lead length and color of the sensor can be customized.

Silicon KTY81 620MM PTC Thermistor 0



II Typical Application Of The Silicon PTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor


Motion control temperature sensor, temperature sensing and controls in drives and motors, spindles, inverters and control systems, etc.
Industrial automation control equipment.
Home appliance temperature detection and compensation.
Precision circuit and crystal oscillator temperature compensation.
Temperature compensation of silicon semiconducting devices.
Temperature compensation of instrumentation amplifier.
A/D converter temperature compensation.
Micro motor timing control.
Automobile temperature detection and control.
Medical equipment temperature detection and control.
Linear PTC thermistors applications also include transmission, engine oil and coolant, heating system, overheating protection, amplifiers, power supplies, transducers, telemetry, computers, magnetic amplifiers, thermometry, meteorology, temperature regulation and over-temperature protection.



III Dimension Of The Silicon PTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor (unit:mm)


Silicon KTY81 620MM PTC Thermistor 1


Serial number Material name

Specifications / Models

Texture of material

2-1. LEAD WIRE UL1332 26AWG TS Black(OD1.0±0.1mm) PTFE
2-2. TERMINAL 2.0 Copper strip terminal  
2-3. TUBE 2.0 PTFE heat shrinkable tube  
2-4. THERMISTOR R25=580Ω±40Ω AFT-KTY84-150



IV Specification Of The Silicon PTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor


Serial number


Test Conditions





3-1. Resistance At 25℃



540 580 620 Ω
3-2. Resistance At 100℃



950 1000 1050 Ω
3-3. Insulation test 100VDC 100 / /
3-4. Withstand voltage test

1250V AC 2mA

In still air

5 / / Sec
3-5. Operation Temperature Range / -40 / +150
3-6. Rated Current IN / / 2 / mA
3-7. Max Current Imax /     8 mA
3-8. Thermal Time τ In still air / / 7 S
3-9. Dissipation factor δ In still air 1.5 / / mW/℃
3-10. Rated Power Pmax / / / 50 mW



V R-T Characteristic Parameter Table Of The Silicon PTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor



Celsius Fahrenheit AFT-KTY84-150
%/(K) (Ω) (K)
-40 -40 0.97 294 322 350 ±8.85
-30 -22 0.94 327 356 385 ±8.76
-20 -4 0.91 361 392 423 ±8.7
-10 14 0.88 397 430 463 ±8.65
0 32 0.87 434 469 504 ±8.61
10 50 0.85 475 512 549 ±8.58
20 68 0.82 517 556 595 ±8.55
25 77 0.80 540 580 620 ±8.54
30 86 0.79 562 603 644 ±8.53
40 104 0.78 610 653 696 ±8.5
50 122 0.75 659 704 749 ±8.46
60 140 0.73 711 758 805 ±8.42
70 158 0.67 768 814 860 ±8.37
80 176 0.63 827 873 919 ±8.31
90 194 0.62 887 935 983 ±8.25
100 212 0.62 950 1000 1050 ±8.17
110 230 0.62 1011 1068 1125 ±8.66
120 248 0.58 1077 1138 1199 ±9.17
130 266 0.52 1148 1209 1270 ±9.69
140 284 0.51 1215 1282 1349 ±10.24
150 302 0.50 1279 1352 1425 ±10.8


VI Features Of The Silicon PTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor

1. KTY84 temperature sensor chip, the structure is based on the principle of diffusion resistance, with a true approximate linear temperature coefficient, ensuring high accuracy of temperature measurement. (The temperature changes from -40°C to +180°C, and the resistance value changes approximately linearly from about 300Ω to 1600Ω.)

2. KTY84 temperature sensor chip, based on "silicon batch processing technology", has good product consistency and strong interchangeability."

3. KTY84 temperature sensor chip, the main component is silicon, silicon is inherently stable, so it has extremely high reliability and extremely long service life (it has very little drift in up to 50 years, repeating its characteristics for millions of times The curve remains unchanged.)

4. KTY84 temperature sensor chip, the electrode is a Ni-Sn composite electrode, which has high reliability and good solderability.

5. KTY84 standard components are DO-35 glass packaging structure with axial leads. The structure is firm, the electrode contact is stable, and it can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature, high humidity and extreme cold. The appearance is standardized, and it has a small size and fast response. advantage.

6. The KTY84 temperature sensor is packaged and connected with PTFE leads and heat shrinkable tubes, and can withstand temperatures above 200°C. The resistance and leads are connected by copper tape riveting.



VII Silicon Sensors Application Precaution Of The Silicon PTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor



Minimum lead wire length tailored to shall be ≥8mm.
In lead wire bending, bending point shall be more than 2mm away from glass body part.

Silicon KTY81 620MM PTC Thermistor 2

Mounting and Handling Recommendations

Excessive forces applied to a sensor may cause serious damage. To avoid this, the following recommendations should be adhered to:
No perpendicular forces must be applied to the body
During bending, the leads must be supported
Bending close to the body must be done very carefully
Axial forces to the body can influence the accuracy of the sensor and should be avoided
These sensors can be mounted on a minimum pitch of >5 mm

Soldering and Welding
Avoid any force on the body or leads during, or just after, soldering.
Do not correct the position of an already soldered sensor by pushing, pulling or twisting the body.
Prevent fast cooling after soldering.
For hand soldering, where mounting is not on a printed-circuit board, the soldering temperature should be <300C the soldering time <3 s and the distance between body and soldering point >1.5 mm.
For hand soldering, dip, wave or other bath soldering, mounted on a printed-circuit board, the
soldering temperature should be <300C, the soldering time <5 s and the distance between body and soldering point >1.5 mm.
The distance between the body and the welding point should be >0.5 mm. Care should be taken to ensure that welding current never passes through the sensor.

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