V421BA60 B60K420 MYE70-681D 1 Circuit Chassis Mount Encased Disc Industrial High Energy Terminal Varistor 680V 70 kA

V421BA60 B60K420 MYE70-681D 1 Circuit Chassis Mount Encased Disc Industrial High Energy Terminal Varistor 680V 70 kA

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: UL
Model Number: MYE70-681D

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Bulk
Delivery Time: 2-4 Weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100KPCS PER MONTH
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Detail Information

UL#: E328106 Unit Weight: 0.3kg
Varistor Voltage: 612V ~ 680V ~ 748V Rated Power: 1.5W
Max. Energy: 1500J Typical Capacitance: 4400 PF

Product Description

V421BA60 B60K420 MYE70-681D 1 Circuit Chassis Mount Encased Disc Industrial High Energy Terminal Varistor 680V 70 kA


The MYE Series transient surge suppressors areheavy-duty industrial Metal-Oxide Varistors (MOVs)designed to provide surge protection for motor controls andpower supplies used in oil-drilling, mining, transportationequipment and other heavy industrial AC line applications.These varistors have similar package construction but differin size and ratings. MYE Series feature improved creep andstrike capability to minimize breakdown along the packagesurface, a package design that provides complete electricalisolation of the disc subassembly, and rigid terminals toensure secure wire contacts.

The E series are heavy-duty metal oxide varistors designed mainly for industrial applications. They offer excellent surge protection for various electronic equipment such as: traffic and railway signal systems, communication equipment, waterworks, automatic control devices for power distribution, oil drilling and mining equipment (dredgers, cranes, etc.). The E housing offers excellent protection when exposed to different kinds of vibrations, dust, moisture, etc. The advantages of the E Series are: rigid terminals for secure wire contact, solid plastic housing for secure mounting, higher insulation resistance (polyurethane filling and plastic housing).


Heavy-duty varistors (surge current capability up to 100 kA)

Wide operating voltagerange

Rigid terminals for securewire contact

Case design providescomplete electrical isolationof disc subassembly

High energy absorptioncapability WTM

No derating up to 85ºCambient


It has a reliable lead and is widely used in automatic industrial equipment, power control, power transportation, communication equipment, water supply systems, petroleum equipment, mining equipment, railway signal systems, etc. Structural characteristics and packaging method: -I resistance structure: The pressure -sensitive resistance with high -strength threaded pores is installed in a flame retardant plastic shell; All conform to UL94V -0;



Technical data
Climatic Category 40/85/56 in accordance with IEC 68-1
LCT - 40°C  
UCT +85°C  
Damp Heat, Steady State (93% r.h., 40°C) 56 days in accordance with IEC 68-2-3
Operating Temperature -40 … +85°C in accordance with CECC 42 000
Storage temperature -40 … +110°C  
Electric strength ≥ 2.5 kV in accordance with CECC 42 000
Insulation Resistance ≥ 1.0 GΩ in accordance with CECC 42 000
Response Time < 25 ns  
Max. torque 1.0 Nm  

Some Ampfort Varistor Cross Reference List

MYE70-201   V131BA60   B60K130
MYE70-241   V151BA60   B60K150
MYE70-271   V171BA60   B60K175
MYE70-331   V211BA60   B60K210
MYE70-361   V231BA60   B60K230
MYE70-391   V251BA60   B60K250
MYE70-431   V271BA60   B60K275
MYE70-471   V301BA60   B60K300
MYE70-511   V321BA60   B60K320
MYE70-621   V381BA60   B60K385
MYE70-681   V421BA60   B60K420
MYE70-751   V461BA60   B60K460
MYE70-781   V481BA60   B60K485
MYE70-821   V511BA60   B60K510
MYE70-911   V551BA60   B60K550
MYE70-951   V581BA60   B60K575
MYE70-102   V621BA60   B60K625
MYE70-112   V681BA60   B60K680
MYE70-122   V751BA60   B60K750
MYE70-142   V881BA60   B60K880
MYE70-182   V102BA60   B60K1000
MYE70-222   V142BB60    
MYE70-272   V172BB60    
MYE70-332   V202BB60    
MYE70-392   V242BB60    
MYE70-472   V282BB60  


MYE100-201       B80K130
MYE100-241       B80K150
MYE100-271       B80K175
MYE100-331       B80K210
MYE100-361       B80K230
MYE100-391       B80K250
MYE100-431       B80K275
MYE100-471       B80K300
MYE100-511       B80K320
MYE100-621       B80K385
MYE100-681       B80K420
MYE100-751       B80K460
MYE100-781       B80K485
MYE100-821       B80K510
MYE100-911       B80K550
MYE100-951       B80K575
MYE100-102       B80K625
MYE100-112       B80K680
MYE100-122       B80K750
MYE100-142       B80K880




Series: MYE30, Cat. Nos. MYE30-201, MYE30-241, MYE30-271, MYE30-331, MYE30-361, MYE30-391, MYE30-431, MYE30-471, MYE30-511, MYE30-621, MYE30-681, MYE30-751, MYE30-781, MYE30-821, MYE30-911, MYE30-951, MYE30-102, MYE30-112, MYE30-122, MYE30-142, MYE30-162, maybe followed by A, B or C.

Series: MYE40, Cat. Nos. MYE40-201, MYE40-221, MYE40-241, MYE40-271, MYE40-331, MYE40-361, MYE40-391, MYE40-431, MYE40-471, MYE40-511, MYE40-561, MYE40-621, MYE40-681, MYE40-751, MYE40-781, MYE40-821, MYE40-911, MYE40-951, MYE40-102, MYE40-112, MYE40-122, MYE40-142, MYE40-162, maybe followed by A, B or C.

Series: MYE70, Cat. Nos. MYE70-201, MYE70-241, MYE70-271, MYE70-331, MYE70-361, MYE70-391, MYE70-431, MYE70-471, MYE70-511, MYE70-561, MYE70-621, MYE70-681, MYE70-751, MYE70-781, MYE70-821, MYE70-911, MYE70-951, MYE70-102, MYE70-112, MYE70-122, MYE70-142, MYE70-162, MYE70-182, MYE70-222, MYE70-272, MYE70-332, MYE70-392, MYE70-472, maybe followed by D, E, F or G


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