G4A00240C Microtemp Thermal Cutoff Fuse 10A 250V 240C For Electric Pressure Cooker

G4A00240C Microtemp Thermal Cutoff Fuse 10A 250V 240C For Electric Pressure Cooker

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Place of Origin: Mexico
Certification: UL,VDE,KC,PSE,CSA,CCC
Model Number: G4A00240C

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Minimum Order Quantity: 5000
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Bulk
Delivery Time: 2 weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500kpcs per month
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Detail Information

Name: Thermal Cutoff Fuse Series: G4A
Current: 10A Voltage: 250 VAC
HS Code: 8536100000 Fusing Device: Pop-up Solid
High Light:

G4A00240C Thermal Cutoff Fuse


Thermal Cutoff Fuse 240C

Product Description

G4A00240C Microtemp Thermal Cutoff Fuse 10A 250V 240C For Electric Pressure Cooker


Upper Limit Temperature Protection


MICROTEMP thermal cutoffs from Therm-O-Disc offer an accurate, reliable solution to the needfor upper limit temperature protection. Known as a thermal fuse, thermal link, or TCO, the MICROTEMP thermal cutoff provides protection against overheating by interrupting an electricalcircuit when operating temperatures exceed the rated temperature of the cutoff.




Major appliance

Portable appliance


Water heater

Hair care

The hot -melt fractures (temperature fuses) produced by Emerson, the temperature controller of the jump dual metal sheet, thermistor (temperature and humidity sensor), etc. The application scope includes: wire beam support, rice cooker, electric pressure cooker, electric stew cooker, automatic drip coffee pot, capsule coffee machine, soy milk machine, water heater, sandwiches, electric furnace, dishwasher, electric cooker, household and industrial electricity electricity Iron, dryer, electric heating device, washing machine, office equipment, refrigerator, car seat heater, microwave oven, various specifications of motors, fruit juice machines, heater, wet wetter, bathroom products, oven, hanging hot machines, and so on. The scope of application is very wide.


G4 Series


Rated for continuous operating currents up to 10 amps @ 250VAC (15 amps @ 120VAC), the G4series MICROTEMP TCO is the industry standard for over-temperature protection. The G4 series isapplied to millions of appliances and personal care products each year, providing reliable back-upprotection for temperature controlling thermostats and other over-temperature conditions. TheG4 series is also widely applied in office machines, portable heaters and industrial equipment as athermal safeguard.





• One-shot operation cuts off electrical power

• Current interrupt capacity up to 25 amps @ 250VAC

• Low resistance

• Compact size


Operating Principle of the MICROTEMP TCO


The active trigger mechanism of the thermal cutoff is an exclusively formulated, electricallynonconductive pellet. Under normal operating temperatures, the solid pellet holds spring-loadedcontacts closed.When a predetermined temperature is reached, the pellet melts, allowing the compression springto relax. The trip spring then slides the contact away from the lead and the circuit is opened (seefigures 1 and 2).After a MICROTEMP thermal cutoff opens a circuit, the TCO needs to be replaced. Thisreplacement procedure must include correction of the fault condition before the product isoperated again.

g4 6 7 operation



Tf ºC G4A01 Th ºC Tm ºC
72 G4A01072C 57 100
73 G4A01073C 58 100
77 G4A01077C 62 300
84 G4A01084C 69 220
91 G4A01091C 76 300
93 G4A01093C 78 300
98 G4A01098C 83 300
104 G4A01104C 89 200
110 G4A01110C 95 240
117 G4A01117C 102 240
121 G4A01121C 106 300
125 G4A01125C 110 185
128 G4A01128C 113 205
134 G4A01134C 119 205
141 G4A01141C 126 205
144 G4A01144C 129 300
152 G4A01152C 137 205
158 G4A01158C 143 240
167 G4A01167C 152 210
172 G4A01172C 157 310
184 G4A01184C 169 240
190 G4A01190C 175 350
192 G4A01192C 177 210
205 G4A01205C 190 310
216 G4A01216C 200 450
229 G4A01229C 200 450
240 G4A01240C 200 450
257 G4A01257C 220 470


Electrical Rating Summary


Series G4 G5
Agency Resistive Inductive Resistive
UL/CSA 21A/240VAC 8A/250VAC 20A/250VAC
10A/250VAC 14A/120VAC 25A/120VAC
15A/120AC   21A/240VAC
5A/24VDC   20A/277VAC
VDE 10A/250VAC 8A/250VAC 20A/250VAC
CCC 5A/24VDC 8A/250VAC 20A/250VAC
PSE JET 10A/250VAC   15A/250VAC


MICROTEMP TCO Standard Dimensions


G4A00 has one short lead and one long lead.

G4A01 has 2 long leads.

Standard body 4.0 φ*14.7mm Diversion 1.0φ*14.2mm and 1.0φ*34.9mm named G4A00XXXC

Extended body 4.0 φ*14.7mm Diversion 1.0φ*33.2mm and 1.0φ*34.9mm named G4A01XXXC


Emerson Electric (T-O-D) authorized dealers to supply the original original Emerson fuse (hot melting fuse), G4 series global universal fuse, G4A00240C/G4A01240C, rice cooker electric iron and other electrical fuse. If you need more understanding, welcome to inquire:

Special description: The MicroteMP hot melting fuse (temperature fuse) produced by the American Emerson brand "Therm-O-DISC" thermal disc company provides customers with a very accurate and reliable upper limit temperature protection. When the working temperature exceeds the rated temperature of the thermal fuse, it can quickly interrupt the circuit to avoid the harm caused by overheating. It has established its unshakable flagship status in the same industry products. The Emerson series temperature fuse has a small size that detects the function of abnormal temperature and cuts off the circuit, and a strong temperature overheated fuse. It detects the temperature of abnormal temperatures of household or industrial electrical products and quickly cut off the circuit in a timely manner to prevent the effect of preventing the damage. This series of temperature fuse is installed with thermist particles (organic chemicals) materials into the metal shell for excessive heat numbers. Its specialty can cut off a large current (rated current) of 5A to 25A

MicroTemp hot melting fracture has 5 basic models:

G4: [G4 series thermal fuse] The G4 series Microtemp® hot melting fuse made by the American Emerson brand "Therm-O-DISC" thermal disc company. According to different product specifications, the contact capacity can reach AC250V 10A and AC120V 15A, respectively With DC24V 5A, it can provide reliable overheating protection. Among the products in the same industry, the G4 series Microtemp hot melt fracture has established its unshakable flagship position. The G4 series thermal fuse is widely used in various instrumental appliances and personal electrical appliances every year, providing a very precise overheating protection, and providing reliable backup protection for internal temperature controllers. The G4 series thermal fuse, as the protector of the electrical appliances, is also widely used in various office equipment, portable electric heaters and industrial equipment.


G5: The G5 series Microtemp hot melting fracture is specially designed and applied to high -current loads. Depending on the product specifications, the contact capacity can reach AC250V 20A, AC277V 20A, and AC120V 25A, respectively. The G5 series thermal fuse is very similar to the G4 series thermal fuse, but the interior uses different structural design, which can disconnect the circuit in time in the face of higher current loads. The G5 series thermal fuse can provide reliable overheating protection, which are mainly used in various electric heater and other high -current load devices.


The G6 series Microtemp thermal fuse, which is small in size and can quickly disconnect the circuit to provide reliable overheating protection. The contact capacity can reach the AC250V 16A. Compared with the double metal sheet temperature controller, the price has a more competitive advantage.


The G7 series Microtemp thermal fuse is specially designed to design in product equipment that is used for high -current loads but pursuing minimal volume. The G7 series thermal fuse is only 1/3 of the G4 or G5 series, and the contact capacity is AC250V 5A and DC24V 5A. It is mainly used in various transformers, motors, battery packs and electronic circuits.


The G8 series Microtemp thermal fuse, small body shape, can quickly disconnect the circuit, provides reliable overheating protection, the contact capacity can reach AC250V 25A and 277V 20A. Compared with the single trigger device of the dual -metal sheet, it has more prices in terms of price. Competitive Advantage. With its small volume (the same as the G4 and G5 series thermal fuses) and the advantages of installation and thermal reaction, it is widely used in various equipment.


The E series is specially named for ROSH in the early days. The characteristics are the same as the G series

Temperature:72℃ 73℃ 77℃ 81℃ 84℃ 93℃ 98℃ 104℃ 110℃ 117℃ 121℃ 125℃ 128℃ 134℃ 141℃ 144℃ 152℃ 158℃ 167℃ 172℃ 184℃ 190℃ 192℃ 205 ℃ 216 ℃ 229 ℃ 240 ℃



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